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Could you be a sports chaplain?

National Sports Sunday aims to both encourage people to engage with sport and to become sports chaplains.

Is being a sports chaplain something you could consider?

Here are the thoughts of Revd Sarah Watson, herself a sports chaplain - and a recreational tennis player!

When people think of a sports chaplain, they may imagine the chaplain of a professional football club, and although some work with elite sportswomen and men, many serve at a much more grass-roots level serving all members in the club regardless of playing ability or role.

A sports chaplain's role will vary from club to club and sport to sport, and my role is as chaplain to Derbyshire Tennis and I am there to offer support, pastoral and spiritual care.

As a priest in the Church of England of course I am passionate about my Christian faith and the Gospel being good news to all, but I always operate by permission and I am always inclusive. I am not just there for the Christians but to serve the whole tennis community, irrespective of beliefs or lifestyle.

I am passionate about sport; I love participating and watching. It has always played a big part of my life and is unsurprisingly a big part of discipleship and ministry.

Jesus said he came to bring life in all its fullness. This is a holistic view of well-being, including both the physical and spiritual, of all involved in the community of sport to which chaplaincy has something to offer.

Most of the time I would describe my role as "holy loitering", spending time around the Derbyshire tennis world getting to know people, being a Christian presence.

Essentially I am there to serve and not be served, seeking to follow the model of Jesus.

Being a sports chaplain is both an honour and privilege.

Find out more at: https://sportschaplaincy.org.uk/

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