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Ordinands 2022: Jo Harbidge

I enjoy spending time outside and connecting with God through the natural world

Jo Harbidge: to be ordained deacon in July 2022

My name is Jo Harbidge and I have just completed two years training at Trinity College Bristol, where I completed a post-graduate diploma in Theology, Ministry and Mission and have begun a research Masters (MTh) in Mission.

I’m currently exploring hospitality as a model for mission and have a particular interest in the church’s response to refugees and asylum seekers.

I will serve my curacy in the parish of St John’s, Walton, close to Chesterfield.

I grew up in St Albans and have had a faith since my earliest days in Sunday school.

As a teenager, this faith developed through trips to the Taizé community in France and Soul Survivor summer festivals and church.

I love connecting with God in different ways and finding out where the Spirit is at work amongst those who know Jesus.

I have sensed a call to serve in the church since my teens but it has been a long journey of gaining experience in different areas to finally bring me to full-time training and ordination.

There hasn’t really been a ‘lightbulb’ moment so much as a steady and growing awareness in those around me, and in myself, that this is where God is asking me to go next.

Prior to training, I worked in mid-Wales, in secondary education, for more than 15 years.

I love learning and helping others to learn, a theme that has continued through my time at college and I hope to be able to help support and inspire others in their learning about God and faith in the future.

I enjoy spending time outside and connecting with God through the natural world.

I like trying to grow things and am excited by how the church can connect with local communities through outdoor activities such as prayer walking, community gardens and allotment spaces.

I’m looking forward to exploring the Peak District and learning more about a beautiful area of the country!

Favourite Bible verse: Acts 2:42-47, where Luke describes the fellowship and devotion of the early believers as the church began to grow.

Favourite hymn: It’s hard to pick a favourite hymn but as someone who has lived in Wales for many years Dyma Gariad (Here is Love) has got to be up there!

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