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When a journalist calls

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From time to time every member of clergy will receive a call from a journalist. This could be about something positive happening within the church or more often after a tragedy, an allegation or negative news story. The tips below are aimed to help you through what can be a stressful situation.

  • Call the Communications Office – we can offer advice or be the point of contact for the media to take the pressure off you.
  • If the enquiry is about a negative story or allegation direct the journalist to the Communications Office. It is not always appropriate to comment on every media request. 


  • Remember that “the media” isn’t the enemy! Being interviewed can be an invaluable opportunity to share your message with the wider public.
  • Avoid speaking “off the cuff”, be polite and offer to phone them back once you have thought about a comment.
  • Use this time to prepare and make sure you have all the information you need.
  • Only agree to talk about a subject you are confident about. If you can’t help, offer to get someone who can or forward them to the communications office.
  • Remember that there is no such thing as “Off the record”. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t be happy reading on the front page of The Times.
  • Use simple, positive, everyday language. Avoid church jargon!
  • Deliver with enthusiasm and energy!
  • Enjoy yourself and let the communications office know when you are being interviewed and when the item will be published or broadcast. 


Communications Office


01332 388680

07540 120899

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