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Getting ready for Christmas is the subject of a new video broadcast today on the Diocesan website www.derby.anglican.org

Revd Alicia Dring from St Peter’s Church Littleover shares a reflection on how we prepare for Christmas in the three minute video – complete with special Christmas Pyjamas!

She says: “ Advent is about getting ready. Most of us seem to get ready with outward stuff for Christmas but we forget to prepare what’s going on inside. It’s not just the run up to Christmas, where we buy lots of cards and presents. Advent isn’t just opening the door of the advent calendar and eating the chocolate. Advent is supposed to help us get ready for the most exciting day ever. The day we remember God coming to Earth, not as a mighty warrior but as a tiny baby.”

She continues “ With each Chocolate ask God to bless you, with each bit of tinsel ask God to show you that he is the light of the world and with every gift remember God’s gift of Christ to the world”

A different video will be shown each week in advent featuring people from all around the Diocese and what advent means to them.

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Christians believe that faith is a gift and our experience shows that we all come to it in unique ways.

Sometimes it feels like we have been searching for God, for others it is as if God has searched us out and found us. There is no one way to explore and find faith.

A good place to start though is with Jesus Christ. Our Christian faith would not exist without him. We believe if you look at Jesus, a man who lived in Palestine under the Roman Empire, you also see what God looks like – in fact you truly see God. You can’t place even a tissue paper between Jesus and God.

We have histories of the life of Jesus handed down to us in the Gospels, the first four books in the New Testament in the Bible.

There we read how Jesus was born, lived and showed us what God is like by his words and actions which always seemed to turn upside-down the status quo and put the last people, first. Jesus’s life and actions led to him being executed by the powers that be of his day, and though he died, we believe God brought him back to life by raising him from death, because God wanted humanity to be part of God’s life forever.

The truth of the resurrection of Jesus changes everything for Christians; from those first Christians who followed Jesus – who told, and lived out, the amazing message of the love of God and life after death to those around them in the Roman world, right up to Christians today.

There is now not one life to live but another one to come. There is a God who so desires us, loves us and likes us that he longs to be with us for all eternity. When we discover the gift of faith in God, who has entered our world of struggle and violence and experienced the worst it can do we realise that we don’t belong to ourselves in the same way anymore.

We belong to another – and we belong to each other and the world around us in different way. Not only faith but all of life becomes pure gift, to be responded to by giving our lives up to the service of God and others.

We find ourselves wanting to please God and turn away from all that is not of God – however hard a daily task that is!

These truths are captured in the ritual of baptism which is how the entry into Christian faith is celebrated.

Jesus himself was baptised in a river and God’s Spirit descended on him to fire him up for the work ahead. God, the Father spoke these words over him “You are my own beloved child and I am pleased with you.” This is the experience of every Christian through our baptism – we are ‘the beloved of God’ and we are given the Holy Spirit to live ever freer lives ‘inside God’ and for the good of the world.

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The Diocese of Derby will be welcoming nine new Readers at an Admission service at Derby Cathedral this Sunday (22 September, 6pm).


Jill Bailey, Benefice of Littleover , Ann Conroy, Benefice of Walton , Kate Gee, Benefice of Charlesworth-with-Gamesley and Dinting Vale , Yvonne Haywood, North Wingfield Team Ministry (St Barnabas, Danesmoor) , Brenda Jackson, Benefice of Bakewell, Ashford in the Water with Sheldon and Rowsley, Julie Jones, Benefice of West Hallam and Mapperley with Stanley , June Lomas, Benefice of Hulland, Atlow, Kniveton, Bradley and Hognaston, Ben Pellereau, Benefice of Littleover and Tim Wheeler, Benefice of Brampton, St Thomas will all be admitted at the service.

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This year saw a record number of churches (98%) complete the annual statistics form which indicates how many people attended Services in October 2012. Such a response provides a very helpful insight to the life of our diocese.

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The Bishop of Derby will be taking part in Derbyshire Churches & Chapels Preservation Trust sponsored Ride+Stride event on Saturday 14th September.

Ride+Stride is a sponsored bike ride or walk between churches. The money raised helps to preserve churches, chapels and meeting houses which are at risk of falling into serious disrepair.

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Churches all over Derbyshire are taking part in an open day to give a special welcome to visitors on Saturday 14 September. The day is being launched as part of the Diocese of Derby’s tourism initiative which aims to encourage churches to work alongside businesses and attractions to welcome visitors to the county.

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The Appointments Committee of General Synod has announced the membership of the Steering Committee to take charge of the preparation of draft legislation to enable women to become bishops.  The Committee will meet a number of times in September and October to prepare the draft legislation for consideration at the November meeting of the Synod . The size and membership of the Committee will be reviewed by the Appointments Committee after this initial phase of work.

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The Bishop of Derby, Dr Alastair Redfern has announced that this years’ Harvest Appeal will raise money for a building project in the slums of Peru.

Dr Redfern has worked with The Bishop of Peru, Bishop William Godfrey, who has a family link to Chesterfield, on the project.

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The Rt Revd Dr Alastair Redfern, Bishop of Derby, has welcomed the European Union’s new guidelines on promoting and protecting freedom of religion and belief and warned that they must not be ‘left on the shelves of EU missions gathering dust’. 

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The Bishop of Derby has said the Government deserves credit for what it achieved at the G8 Summit at Lough Erne but voiced disappointment at the lack of any political breakthrough on the conflict in Syria.

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