Sunday, 31 July 2022 14:42

Archdeacon Matthew writes...

The talk of Darley Abbey at the moment, is the bridge over the Derwent that until very recently connected pedestrians, cyclists and, possibly, cars to the mill buildings on the other side of the River Derwent to the village.

Alas, the structural integrity of the bridge has been questioned and the bridge has been closed.

Access to the restaurants, gyms and other businesses and amenities located just over the river Derwent are now a longer drive rather than a short walk.

The owners of those businesses, used to welcoming Darley Abbey residents across the bridge now feel somewhat estranged and disconnected. 

Hope is on the horizon as the council negotiate the installation of a temporary bridge to reconnect both sides of the river.

Our beautiful Diocese of Derby has its fair share of historic bridges that have connected communities and supported trade for generations.

Bridges are essential forms of connection between individuals and communities.

Feelings of dislocation rapidly surface when these means of connection cease to be available to us. 

Theologically, Jesus, on the Cross, created a bridge between God and humanity.

This theological bridge allows us to approach and be connected with the life of God.

Through Jesus, the life of God has been made freely available to all and everyone is gloriously invited to step foot onto the bridge of faith.

Human beings within the core of our being are designed for connection with each other and with God.

Our churches across the diocese stand in that privileged position of inviting those in their care to take tentative steps onto the bridge of faith that leads to full participation in the life of God. 

This summer month of August is often seen as ‘down-time’ from the business and busyness of running our churches.

You would have to be more zealous than I to attempt to schedule a PCC or other meetings in this particular month.

But August does afford space for hospitality in whatever form that takes for you, for those occasions of simple human connection that can so often be the start of a conversation about faith in Jesus.

This is where over cream teas, barbeques, and bring and share lunches, we have the privilege of standing alongside people at the start of that bridge of faith. 

Enjoy August, rest, refresh, replenish for the activity of the autumn.

Very best wishes to those who are taking time off to go away on holiday or take time at home.

God’s blessing and peace be with you all. 

The Ven Matthew Trick

Archdeacon of Derby City and South Derbyshire

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