Friday, 05 May 2023 11:53

Bishop of Repton crowns new King!

Bishop Malcolm has crowned King Charles in a special service in Derbyshire.

Charles (his real name) aged 7, was crowned King at Melbourne Infant School.

The Coronation was watched by scores of pupils and teachers at the school, who cheered as the new King greeted them wearing his ancient crown and robe and carrying his ceremonial sceptre.

Following the ceremony, the Year 2 pupil said: "It was very exciting.

"The best bit was when the crown was put on my head.

"As King, I will visit every class during the day and take part in their lessons."

Bishop Malcolm said: "It was a privilege to be asked to be part of this historic occasion and to meet so many of the pupils at Melbourne Infant School.

"Apparently, there is another coronation happening tomorrow in London, so the pupils will hopefully now have a good idea of what it's all about!"

King Charles and Bishop Malcolm were assisted by Revd Steve Short, Vicar of Melbourne, and by the school's headteacher, Mrs Gibbs, who said: "This is a historic event in the lives of our children and something that they will not have seen before!

"We felt it was important to mark the event in a special way.

"All week in school we have been doing coronation crafts, lessons and workshops and today’s coronation ceremony will top off our celebrations!

"All the children were so excited for the coronation – especially our King Charles himself!"

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