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Bishop Libby's tour of the deaneries

Following her installation, Bishop Libby is visiting all the deaneries - to meet people, to worship and to get to know better some parts of the Diocese.

These visits co-incide with Thy Kingdom Come

Bishop Libby and Thy Kingdom Come 2019

NB: 27 May - 02 June : Half Term

Monday 27 May                      Bank Holiday

Tuesday 28 May                      -

Wednesday 29 May                South-East Derbyshire Deanery

Thursday 30 May                    Carsington Deanery  

Friday 31 May                         -

Saturday 01 June                   Dove and Derwent Deanery - From Lunchtime

Sunday 02 June                     Dove and Derwent Deanery - Until Lunchtime

Monday 03 June                    Derby City Deanery

Tuesday 04 June                   Derby City Deanery 

Wednesday 05 June              Mercia Deanery

Thursday 06 June                  Peak Deanery 

Friday 07 June                       Peak Deanery

Saturday 08 June                   Confirmation Service at Derby Cathedral 

Sunday 09 June: Pentecost   Confirmation at the Crooked Spire, Chesterfield (evening)

Monday 10 June                    North-East Derbyshire Deanery

Tuesday 11 June                   Hardwick Deanery

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