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Emergency Contractors List

Property Repairs and Maintenance

Please contact the property team during normal working hours on 01332 388650 or email propertyteam@derby.anglican.org

Any out of hours emergency please refer to the Emergency Contractors list from the links below.


Clergy Housing Emergency Repairs out of hours (including public holidays).

If an emergency occurs out of hours inlcuding public and seasonal holidays (Easter, Christmas etc), do not delay, instruct a Diocesan approved contractor immediately and inform the Property team of the problems when the office is open.  An approved contractors list has been issued to all parishes and can also be found below.

Please be aware that not all contractors will cover Christmas day, Boxing day or New Year day so in the event of emergency please use a reliable local contractor. 
Emergency work should be done immediately and the bill sent to the Property team for payment or reimbursement.
In case of a plumbing leak, please ensure you know the location of the stopcock for the water main.



To ensure the best use of our resources, we have compiled a list of suitably approved contractors for your reference.

Whenever possible, please try to ensure that only emergencies are dealt with out of hours.

As you will appreciate an emergency out of hours repair costs the Diocese substantially more than a repair carried out during normal office hours. 

Please ensure all emergency repairs are to be reported to the Church House Property Team as soon as possible.

  • You should contact us on 01332 388650 Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm.
  • You will need to provide a brief description of the repair, the contractor who attended, and most importantly your contact details. This way the repair can be monitored, audited and managed. 


Emergency contact information:

>> All Derby Deaneries and Carsington Emergency Contacts [PDF] updated November 2023

>> Hardwick and North East Deaneries Emergency Contacts [PDF] updated November 2023

>> High Peak Deanery Emergency Contacts [PDF] updated November 2023


What is an emergency?

An emergency repair is any fault which threatens harm to persons or property. Examples include; 

1 Heating and hot water 
Where you or your home is at risk due to a major water leak from any part of the heating system, and where the heating system fails. 
Please note: Not having hot water is not considered an emergency if you have an electric immersion heater and/or an electric shower.
An exception to this would be for household members who are frail, elderly or registered disabled.

2 Gas leaks 
If you smell gas, please telephone (British Gas) on 0800 111 999 who will attend to isolate the meter and make safe where necessary. 

3 Total lack of water supply 
Before contacting a plumber, please check with the water utility company to ensure that works are not being carried out in the area. 

4 Total lack of electricity supply 
Before contacting an electrician, please check with the electricity utility company to ensure that works are not being carried out in the area. 
Please check the electrical distribution box – has one or more fuses tripped? 

5 Plumbing leaks 
If the leak is causing damage, then it will be considered an emergency - especially if penetrating into an electrical fitting. In the interim you should turn off your water supply at your stopcock or gate valve, and your electricity supply. 

6 Blockages 
If you have access to more than one WC, and only one is blocked, then please arrange for a plumber to attend during normal working hours.

7 Roof leaks or other damage 
Where the damage to the roof is likely to worsen or when it is hazardous (eg roof tiles may fall onto a path, drive or highway), ring a roofing or general building contractor identified within the guides above.
Please be aware that in the event of adverse weather conditions, the contractor will only make the roof safe. The Church House Property Team, will then liaise with the contractor to arrange a permanent repair for a later date when good weather permits. 

8 Downpipes and gutters 
Please only contact an emergency building contractor if water is entering the building causing major damage or the loose part is dangerous. 

9 Broken windows & Doors 
Where the damage is caused as a result of a crime. In this case, please notify the local police force who will supply you with a crime reference number, which we will need for our records and report the matter to the Church House Property Team. 
For other breakages, if they pose a security risk or are letting rainwater in, then please arrange for a contractor to attend.

10 Door locks 
Please arrange to contact the locksmith: 
1. If you cannot open or secure a door. 
2. In the unfortunate event that you have been the target of criminals who may have stolen your keys, then please report this matter to the police and obtain a crime reference number, and report the matter to the Church House Property Team. 

11 Dangerous trees 
Trees are particularly vulnerable to the effects of high winds during a storm and sustain various types of damage as a result. If a tree is unsafe and unstable and there is imminent danger to persons and property, where possible please take supportive photographic evidence and contact the emergency tree work specialist outlined within this booklet. 

We are committed to offering a first class repair service. If you have to arrange for a contractor to attend to an emergency, then please ensure the Church House Property Team are informed as soon as possible.

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