Churchwardens - Roles and responsibilities

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Information for Churchwardens on Clergy Wellbeing

>> Resources for churchwardens on wellbeing [PDF]


Resources for Churchwardens - Parish Support Office:

Archdeacon of Chesterfield Carol Coslett - 01332 388658,

Acting Archdeacon of Derby Peter Walley - 01332 388676,

DAC Secretary Nigel Sherratt - 01332 388683,

HR Coordinator Mandy Roberts - 01332 388650,

Registrar Nadine Waldron - 01332 388679,

Mission & Ministry Team: Diocesan Missioner Jason Kennedy - 01332 388691, (mission action planning, church growth, training on welcome, evangelism, mission)

Community Action Officer Stella Collishaw - 01332 388685, (community engagement)

Community Projects Development Officer Gareth Greenwood - 01332 388690, (using buildings for mission)

Communications team - Lucy Harrison, Dave King, Andrew Salt - 01332 388668

Convener of the Clergy Wellbeing Reference Group Karen Hamblin -


Good sources of a wide variety of information:

Practical Church Management by James Behrens (Gracewing, 2014)- a very good guide to all aspects of church management (about £20)

The PCC Member’s Essential Guide by Mark Tanner (2015) - informative guide about the role of the PCC, answers all the basic questions (What is a PCC? What jobs does it do? How does it fit into the bigger picture?) in a straightforward way but also offers prayerful reflections. (about £8)

Rules, Rotas & Rectors - How to Thrive Being a Churchwarden by Matthew Clements (2018) - written by an experienced churchwarden to give practical information for those new to the role or considering it. (about £10)

Parish Resources (extensive links and resources on church administration, church governance, data protection, parish finance, employing and managing staff and volunteers, looking after church buildings)

Church Care (Ecclesiastical Insurance website on the care of churches with extensive information on looking after churches and churchyards, making changes, insurance, health & safety, risk assessments and much more)

John Truscott (organisation, leadership, management, administration, communication etc for churches and Christian organisations- very helpful information on a wide variety of topics)

Helpful information for specific areas:

Safeguarding: Diocesan website (policies, procedures and information, how to report a concern, DBS)

Diocesan safeguarding team - 01332 388678,

Church of England website

Governance: Church of England website (includes a compliance checklist to ensure PCC’s governance and policies are as they should be)

Church Representation Rules - rules/church-representation-rules-online (online version of rules governing churches)

Parochial Church (Powers) Measure (law governing PCCs)

Buildings: Church Care (Ecclesiastical website on the care of churches with extensive information on looking after churches and churchyards, making changes to buildings, insurance, health & safety etc)

DAC on Diocesan website (guidance and access to online faculty system)

The Value of Maintenance? Project Report from Historic England (very helpful report looking at the impact of on time church maintenance compared to the cost impact of delaying repair work)

Copyright: CCLI (information about copyright law and church licenses)

Training & courses: Diocesan website (Bitesize modules for churchwardens)

Vocations: Diocesan website’s-call.html (information on discernment, connecting with a vocations adviser)

Church of England website (discernment, exploring calling, roles in the church and whole life discipleship)

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