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Your questions answered

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At the churchwarden networking day on 30 June 2022, a panel of experts answered a variety of questions from churchwardens regarding their buildings and being eco-friendly.

The panel was:

John Beardmore - Energy Adviser to the Diocese of Derby (John@T4sLtd.co.uk)

Stella Collishaw - Community Action Officer (stella.collishaw@derby.anglican.org)

Gareth Greenwood - Community Projects Development Officer (gareth.greenwood@derby.anglican.org)

Nigel Sherratt - DAC and DMPC Secretary (dac@derby.anglican.org)

Download the information handout from the Q&A session PDF format | Word format


Jump to the individual questions (on YouTube):

1. We want to insulate our entire roof space but the cost is astronomical. Can you help?

2. We have a lot of stonework that needs repairing and a poorly organ. Is there any help available?

3. What evidence would the DAC require to justify the replacement of a very inefficient gas heating system with a modern system, as other options do not appear to be very practical?

4. Are there any grants available to help with installing solar panels?

5. We would like some advice about replacing a very old, uneconomical electric boiler. There is no gas supply available.

6. How do churches measure their carbon footprint and the impact of potential changes to determine if they are making progress toward the net zero target? And what do the panel consider to be the high-value carbon savings in old, energy-inefficient buildings?

7. Does the DAC give advice on heating options?

8. Given the move towards renewable energies, is the DAC more likely to look more favourably on visually intrusive schemes, such as solar panels or air ducts, than it may have done in the past?

9. When calculating carbon footprint, do we exclude for example the purchasing things, paper that we use for photocopying etc?

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