Monday, 18 January 2021 16:18

Shirebrook students make new church noticeboard

Revd Karen Bradley, vicar of Holy Trinity, Shirebrook, has  praised a group of Year 11 students’ handiwork after they built and installed a brand-new noticeboard outside the church door to keep her parishioners in the know.

She said that the noticeboard, which was made and installed by students at Shirebrook Academy, is a “thing of beauty”.

The students took on the task as part of their practical foundation studies, assisted by design technology teachers Simon Dosanjh and Simon Langrick, who guided them through the process from building the noticeboard out of wood and then sanding and staining it to give it the finished look.

They then visited the church to fix it into position.

Karen Bradley said: “We had a noticeboard installed previously, but it had certainly passed its sell-by date and a bit of an eyesore, but the new noticeboard is a thing of beauty and hopefully it will be used more than the previous one was.

“I want to thank the students for all their hard work, it was such a wonderful thing for them to do for us, a real blessing, and it’s brilliant to see the students discovering how the things they learn at school apply to the community.”

Student Thomas, 15, said: “I really enjoyed doing something different for the community and helping people out, but it was also cold installing the noticeboard and getting it level was a challenge.”

Claire Armstrong, head of design technology at Shirebrook Academy, said: “It was really nice as a department to do something practical and contribute to the community.

"We’re in the midst of really uncertain times, because social distancing rules means we can’t do as much practical work as usual, but this project was able to go ahead and allowed us to give something back to the parish after they generously donated some bibles to the school’s Philosophy and Ethics department.”


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