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Church breakfast club helps with school uniforms

Bob Glassey presents the cheque to Creswell Junior School's Head of Care Amie Wilson Bob Glassey presents the cheque to Creswell Junior School's Head of Care Amie Wilson

Creswell Breakfast club has helped get the new school year off to the best possible start by providing school uniforms for local schoolchildren moving up to secondary school.

The club is based at St Mary Magdalene Church in Creswell village and is now in its seventh year.

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Bob Glassey writes:

Creswell Breakfast club has been making a difference this summer by working with Creswell Junior School - coordinating activities in the parish, ensuring  a full range of free activities for the five days a week during school holidays.

At one of our meetings with the headteacher Alison Pymm and Head of Care Amie Wilson, they identified a number of families with school children in need of assistance buying the mandatary new uniform and PE kit for Clowne Heritage School (average cost of a uniform and PE kit is £100).

I was happy to hand over a cheque for £1000 that the breakfast club raised with help from: £250 from Bolsover Community lottery fund, £250 from County Councillor Mick Yates from the Community Leadership Fund, and £500 from Elmton Creswell Hodthorpe Big Local.

The school has also received £176 from the Revd Keith Cocking and will receive £200 from Councillor Duncan McGregor of Bolsover Distric Council.

Vulnerable families in our parish continue to face increasing financial pressure due to the rising cost of living, and disposable income seems to be an increasingly rare luxury. 

The added pressure of children moving up from the Creswell Junior to the Clowne Heritage School needing a new complete school uniform plus PE kit means families as desperate and need assistance now.

It will lift a great weight from the shoulders of parents and family members knowing their children will have a brilliant start and will be the same as any other child at this new school.

There are many things which make up a community spirit.

And when it exists, a positive sense of community spirit is a great asset.

It can act as a glue, bringing together a whole community, and what can you do to make a difference.

We have shown that we can work together across organisations, professional of otherwise.

We are proud to be working with our local councils and local groups for the past six years, enabling them to create and make such a positive impact on our local community.

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