Friday, 26 August 2022 16:09

Derby Cathedral wins an Eco Church Silver Award!

“Putting care for God’s creation at the heart of ministry and mission”

Derby Cathedral has just received a silver eco award from Eco Church, an A Rocha UK project.

The award is based on a comprehensive survey of the Cathedral covering topics as diverse as worship and teaching, management of church buildings and land, community and global engagement and lifestyle.

In other words – everything from how the Cathedral worships, the energy it uses, the wildlife it supports, the environmental projects it supports in other parts of the world, including Fairtrade, and the individual lifestyle choices we all make.

Eco church is designed to bring together a national community of churches addressing the environmental crisis with ongoing action to protect nature and address climate change so we can play our part in the prophetic call from General Synod for all parts of the Church of England to be net zero by 2030.
In granting the award Eco Church especially mentioned the Cathedral’s connections with the Wildlife Trust and the peregrine falcons, its involvement in planting trees including the “Trees for Derby” project, and our local engagement with the Council in supporting the bike event before Christmas.
Well done Derby Cathedral and thank you to members of JPCC (the Cathedral’s Justice, Peace and Creation Committee) and Carol Thomas, Chief Operating Officer for putting the application together.
Next step …GOLD!!   
To find out more about Eco Church go to www.a.rocha.org.uk

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