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Christian Writers Group


Have you the urge to put pen to paper? Is there something burning inside you that you would like to express in writing? If so, Café Writers could be for you. We are a group of writers of many genres and all levels from absolute beginner to published author. We meet together every two months on a Saturday morning in the Sir Richard Morris Lounge at the Cathedral Café.  

Writers come in all shapes and sizes. Your interests may be to write poetry or prayers. You may enjoy journalling, producing short stories and articles, or a have ideas for a book. Or do you want to start a blog or write your life story for your family? You may be a complete novice or a published author. Whatever your preference and your level of expertise, writing can be a lonely business and this is where a group can help.

The aim of this group, which is affiliated to the Association of Christian Writers, is to provide a safe space where we can meet and network with others who share an interest in writing. The key element is to gain some encouragement, inspiration and motivation from one another to get moving (or keep going!)

If you would like to find out more about our ongoing series of talks and meetings or join our mailing list, please contact Richard and Eirene Palmer on 07592 303048 or drop us an email at derbychrwriters@gmail.com

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