Growing Faith in schools

Growing Faith: resource pack for churches and schools - Diocese of Derby 2022

This resource pack was created following the Churches and Schools Survey of 2021.

It is designed to support and encourage all churches as they aim to put Growing Faith at the heart of their parish priorities.

The first document listed is the contents of the pack.

Please read this first. It shows how the resource is divided into eight parts.

The contents document lists the areas covered by each of these eight documents. For example, if you were looking for information around collective worship, you will see that this heading is no.1 on document C).

If you open document C), you will find that the first section lists resources and ideas around the area of collective worship.

Please contact Sarah.brown@derby.anglican.org if you need any assistance or if there is an area which doesn't seem to be covered.


Churches and schools: contents

A) Churches and schools: an introduction

B) Churches and schools: prayer and prepararion

C) Churches and schools: involvement in the spiritual lives of schools

D) Churches and schools: school visits

E) Churches and schools: links and welcomes

F) Churches and schools: survey results and conclusions

G) Churches and schools: a toolkit for primary schools to promote the development of spirituality - by Jo Gotheridge

H) Churches and schools: growing faith - a flow chart to offer ideas for churches

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