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Bishop's Harvest Appeal: Pupils' sale to save Zimbabwe

One of the many stalls at St Peter's School's Save Zimbabwe Sale One of the many stalls at St Peter's School's Save Zimbabwe Sale

Pupils at St Peter's C of E Primary School in Netherseal have been doing their bit for the Bishop of Derby's Harvest Appeal, raising £242.85 through various table-top sales.

After the teachers shared details of the appeal, a Year 6 pupil asked if they could do something practical to help - and the Save Zimbabwe Sale was born.

Headteacher Melanie Machell said: "The children worked extremely hard and organised everything!

"They wrote posters, bought 'stock' for their stalls, wrote letters to businesses for donations, baked cakes, designed games and collected from parents.

"It was fabulous that the children felt so empowered to make a difference and we are very proud of their achievement."

The 70 pupils at St Peter's also spent time discussing the plight of the people of Manicaland and praying for them.

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This year's appeal, Harvest Homes, is raising funds to help rebuild homes in Manicaland, Zimbabwe, where Cyclone Idai destroyed homes, crops and livelihoods.

On hearing of their efforts, Bishop Libby said: "This is a joy to hear about – our children giving us a lead in generosity of spirit and action.

"I am grateful to all the pupils, staff, parents, and everyone else who has contributed to this remarkable outcome.

"And I thank God that these children have helped the vulnerable people of Zimbabwe, most affected by Storm Idai, rebuild there lives.

"No wonder Jesus said children are at the heart of the Kingdom of God."

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Have you been raising money for Harvest Homes? Please tell us about your fundraining events.

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