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Bishop's Badge Schools Awards 2023

Ten pupils from Church of England Schools from all over the diocese have received their Bishop's Badge in recognition of their commitment to Christian values in their schools and communities.

The badges were presented by Bishop Malcom in a service at Derby Cathedral and were nominated by their head teacher for their generous faith, courageous hope and life-giving love.

Pupils from St James CE Junior School led readings and prayers.

Nominating Jack, his head teacher said: "Jack took it upon himself to raise money for charity by completing a 5 km inflatable course. He requested that all donations go to the Sick Children's Trust Charity which is a charity close to his family’s heart, and has asked questions to find out how he and others can help children who are sick. Jack also shows great compassion in and out of school and was recently nominated to become an anti-bullying ambassador.

"He is very aware of the thoughts and feelings of others and values difference greatly."

Another head teacher said: "George works hard to encompass his love of nature and history to serve the Lord. He shares his knowledge generously to support the school and local community. 

"George has helped to transform the lives of others by actively working with the younger children in school to be a role model independently taking on the role of pastoral support to make sure all children in school are safe, well and have a voice.

"He has taken on the role of head boy this year however, at no point has he ever put himself first he continues to put others including the adults in school first."

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Other citations from head teachers included:

As Hebrews 13:16 states, ‘Generosity is a simple act’ – however, in Amber’s case, it is a way of life. Amber leads worship with dedication and empathy. She is a great friend to others and offers support to not only her peers, but to staff and visitors too. Her caring and supportive nature is ever-present and this is typified in the way she conducts herself around younger children in the school.

Cara goes above and beyond to show love and support to her peers; always noticing if someone is struggling or left out and offering friendship; showing what it means to build community by supporting and welcoming everyone. Her unquestioning support for others during tough times, even when she herself has been experiencing difficult situations, is transforming to those who she stands alongside and a model for others to follow.

Frankie shows kindness, always helping the younger children. She happily gives up her own social time to help others. Frankie lives out our school values of P.E.A.C.E – and this nomination demonstrates how she meets the C for compassion. 

Despite the challenges that he has faced over the last year, Freddie has remained able to put the needs of others first. He is a fabulous role model and has earned almost all available prefect badges. He has generously shared his treatment journey with the whole school, embodying courage and inspiring his peers through his complete dedication to all that he does. As a school community, we are stronger for knowing and working with him.

Manahil shines God’s love onto everyone she meets. She encourages and supports her friends and champions them when they have done well in class or out on the playground. She reaches out when she sees someone in need and truly embodies our school’s Christian values of love, friendship, compassion and respect.

Martha is a driving force behind writing the school’s Friday worship, which she does without being prompted. Her prayers are heartfelt, beautifully sensitive and reflects meaningful links to school worship themes. Martha is generous – she gives her own time for others, despite facing many significant personal challenges. Martha cares deeply about her family, her school and broader community.

Spending time in Mia’s company enriches everyone. She does not change things by being argumentative or forceful but by modeling unfailing love. She is one of our school chaplains and works to ensure all children and adults feel welcomed and part of our collective worship. I aspire to be as positive and loving as Mia!

Rudi epitomizes courage – to not be able to do the same but, without complaint, to delight in what can be done. We are all learning every day from his positive attitude and determination to learn. He is a role model to everyone at our school in always doing the best you can in all the ways you can.
The History of Bishop's Badge

In 1927, the Diocese of Derby was founded and Bishop Edmund Courtenay Pearce, the first Bishop of Derby, arranged for a medal to be struck to celebrate this new beginning.

Copies of the medal were presented to prominent members of the diocese and to all those being confirmed in that year.

In recent years, the seventh Bishop of Derby, the Rt Revd Dr Alastair Redfern, arranged for a replica of this medal to be minted and mounted in the form of a badge.

As the eighth Bishop of Derby, Bishop Libby continues this tradition.

Each year these badges are awarded based upon recommendations made to the bishop, as a gesture from the diocese to acknowledge outstanding service to God's church.

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