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Living Lightly is the Diocesan policy. We are encouraging parishes and churches to become Eco Churches and registered as an Eco Diocese in 2018.


Archive articles:


21st Century Franciscans: Caring for Creation by Eirene Palmer.

Can we join David against Goliath?,  which looks at 'fracking'.  

Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation, Fair Enough by John Payne Mar 2019,

My Reflections on Plastic-Less Lent  and Time for Action which you are invited to publish locally including images. 



Our recommendations and links....


 Reference resources

The Framework was approved by Derby Diocesan Synod in February 2013. 

Shrinking the Footprint is the national environment programme from the Church of England.


Other recent publications include:

References from Diocesan Synod June 2019 which included a requested presentation about 'Fracking'.

The Church of England resources for World Environment Day

Joint Public issues team blog Drastic about Plastic

The Church of England National Investment bodies policy on investing in Extractive Industries

Practical Renewal Energy for Church Buildings


Related Organisations


Local campaign groups

Derby Climate Coalition

Derbyshire Climate Coalition

Derbyshire Frack Free a collective but local groups exist from Erewash to Barlborough.


National Campaign groups

Christian Climate Action and who they are.

Extinction Rebellion local groups exist add your town/ nearest city and search for it.

Many national environmental charities and christian development charities are campaigning on these issues too.

why we go to jail explanation of Christian civil disobedience. The training days run by Christian Climate Action also feature strongly on this theme.


A Rocha UK

tel: 0208 574 5935, 13, Ave Road, Southall, Middlesex, UB1 3BL 

website: includes the wide range of EcoChurch resources and how to register.


Green Christian

tel: 01524 33858, email:; website: includes resources Joy in Enough


Church Buildings Council

tel: 020 7898 1866, website: 

Comprehensive guidance on care of existing churches as well as adapting buildings for new uses.


Conservation Foundation

tel: 0207 591 3111, website:


Creation Challenge

website:   Methodist, Baptist and United Reformed Church resources. Some useful resources for Church properties of any denomination. 


Energy Saving Trust

21 Dartmouth Street, London, SW1H 9BP.  website:

Information about renewable energy and grants for installation.


John Ray Initiative

promotes environmental and science led progress in accordance with Christian principles. Downloadable teaching and bible study resources.


Shrinking the footprint

Church of England’s national environment website:




Transition Towns in Derbyshire


Find out more about transition towns at












Hope email contact click on Hope





Other recommended Publications:



Covid-19, Environment Justice and the Future Grove Ethics E198 Valerio, Hodgson, Hodgson and Howles

Saying Yes to Life, Ruth Valerio, ArchBishop of Canterburys, Lent Book 2020. 

L is for Lifestyle. Christian living that doesn't cost the earth. Ruth Valerio (2019) IVP.

What in God's Name Are You Eating? How can Christians Live and Eat Responsibly in Today's Global Village? Andrew Francis.  92014) Cascade. ISBN 978-1-62032-573-5.

Life Issues Bible Study: Environment. Ruth Valerio (2008) CWR ISBN 978-1-85345-481-3.

Foster Claire and Shreeve David (2008) Don’t Stop at the Lights: Leading your Church through a changing climate, Church House Publishing ISBN 9780715141380.

Planetwise. Dare to Care for God's World, Dave Bookless. (2008) IVP ISBN: 978-1-84474-251-6.

Mission and Public Affairs (2005) Sharing God’s planet Church House Publishing

Jesus and the earth, James Jones (2003) which you can get as a book or get a partial free download at Why the earth is for Jesus...

Hope in God's Future (JPIT 2012) can be downloaded free

David Shreeve and Claire Foster Gilbert (2007) How many light bulbs does it take to change a Christian? Church House Publishing, ISBN No: 9780715141274

This book encourages Christians to play their part in helping to stop climate change. Aiming to counter the idea that stark warnings on the state of the environment seem too colossal for individuals to make any real difference, it argues that Christians not only can have an impact by adapting their lifestyle, but actually have a moral duty to do so.


 also see study resources at 'Whats Happening' section above which is regularly updated.



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