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Meet your Living Generously Adviser

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Steve Johnson

Living Generously Adviser

steve.johnson@derby.anglican.org | 01332 278151

Living Generously can present us with a challenge, especially when we feel we have limited resources.

But we are disciples of a generous God, who gives unconditionally and who reassures us that ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’ (Acts 20:35).

Knowing how to give can also be puzzling and sometimes we need someone to walk along with us as we discover how to enable generosity in ourselves, our congregations, and our communities.

As the Living Generously Adviser, I am here to support everyone in exploring generosity, whether priest, parishioner, or PCC.

Beginning a journey of generous discovery requires us to be equipped with all those tools which assist us in unlocking new ways of enabling generosity, or that give us fresh perspectives in nurturing existing areas, allowing generosity to flourish.

A busy world can be distracting, asking more of us than we know how to deal with, and so understanding the needs of our churches and our communities can be perplexing.

Communicating the impact generosity has, both inside and outside of our congregations makes a huge difference in the trust we build up, and the ability to transform lives through giving.

Inspiring generosity beyond our churches, reaching out to disciple others, creating and nurturing a generous culture by embedding that which God provides without condition: generosity with time, attention, wealth, talents, possessions, reputation and comfort.

Putting into action all of those mechanisms which increase the profile of generosity and raise it to be higher on our priorities.

With resources to enable all these things, the Living Generously Adviser will support you in enabling and sustaining a generous culture in your church, whether it be through Generosity Away-Days, running a generosity campaign, advising on giving mechanisms or contactless donation devices, Parish Giving Scheme, legacy giving, or any other aspect of generosity, we’re here to help.

Thank you for all you do for your church.

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Steve Johnson

Living Generously Adviser

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