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Local Building Development Plans

Capable buildings enable discipleship, mission and ministry.


Buildings are a positive asset when they are fit for purpose, but conversely, can feel like an anchor, stopping a PCC and congregation from fully embodying it’s discipleship, mission and ministry.

When buildings are fit for purpose…

  • They play a key role in Transforming Lives, by acting as the stage for people’s major life events.
  • They play a major role in Growing Church by providing a sanctuary of peace, a space to worship God, and a place to teach and inspire.
  • They play many roles in Building Community - meeting place, polling station, community hub, food bank, spiritual resource centre, to name just a few.

A sustainable and relevant church building will potentially look very different from parish to parish, but working towards a Local Building Development Plan will give the PCC an opportunity to consider all the options and in turn, help reset or strengthen the connection between:

  • The church building and the vision of the PCC and congregation.
  • The church community and wider parish community

Creating a Local Building Development Plan is one way that can help you:

  • Identify or reaffirm the core vision and ministries of the PCC and congregation in relation to your local context.
  • Assess the current attributes and elements of the building.
  • Determine what the building needs, to support your vision & enable discipleship, mission and ministry within your local community.
  • Prioritize the changes needed and identify the resources required.

The very simple 4 step toolkit is something a PCC can use on its own or in concert with other resources.  However, it should always involve the wider parish community beyond the four walls.  Rmember, a church building is not a clubhouse, but a parish’s place of gathering, worship and sanctuary.

Here is the link to the Local Building Development Plan Tool



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