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Spirituality and Prayer - Connecting with God

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Leading Intercessions

Wed 14 Oct 2020, 7pm-9pm, St John, Tibshelf - BOOK NOW!

A short, practical session on how to plan and write intercessions, covering what to include, what to avoid and how to deliver them. The session will include the opportunity to write some intercessions together.

Mental Health & Prayer

POSTPONED until Spring 2021

Our mental health impacts upon our relationship with God, our spirituality and the ways in which we pray or struggle to pray. Prof Chris Cook from Durham University’s Department of Theology, Health & Spirituality will help us explore how to pray in the light of our changing mental health and guide us in considering how we faithfully and effectively accompany other people on their spiritual journey taking into account their mental health needs, issues and conditions. This day is open to all but is especially relevant for clergy, readers, spiritual directors and pastoral team members. Booking is essential.

Places of Enchantment

Thu 23 Apr, 1:30-4:30pm, St John, Cressbrook

A time of quiet reflection and prayer exploring the world around us led by Archdeacon Carol Coslett. This session is open to all, but booking is essential.

Introduction to Church, Spirituality & Dementia

Wed 29 Apr, 7:30-9:30pm, St Barnabas, Danesmoor

Mon 14 Sep, 10am-12pm, the Church on Oakwood- BOOK NOW!

A short presentation outlining some basic facts about dementia; how to make your church more dementia-friendly and some hints and tips when carrying out a pastoral visit.

These sessions are open to all, but booking is essential.

How to Plan a Quiet Day

Thu 30 Apr, 2:30-4:30pm, St Peter, Fairfield

This session will be a sharing and learning time and will cover two areas:

• We will explore the need today for taking time out from everyday life and how taking it can encourage us on our Christian journey

• We shall consider what sort of venues work well, where we can find them around where we live and what sort of programme for the time works well. We will also provide a list of books and resources that could be used. This session is open to all, but booking is essential.

Mind Mapping Your Spiritual Journey

Thu 04 Jun 10.00am -4:00pm, Church House, Derby

Have you ever considered your spiritual journey to date? Do you keep or want to start a spiritual journal?

Then why not come and learn how to mind map, a new skill that you can apply effectively in many areas of your spiritual life.

Mind mapping is a technique that combines words, pictures, symbols and colour to capture information in a radial format. The programme will teach you the basic technique and give you the tools to produce a mind map of your spiritual journey to date as well as some reflective time to consider that journey.

Tea and coffee will be provided throughout the day, but please bring a packed lunch.

Spirituality in a Digital Age

Sat 13 Jun, 9:30am-3:30pm, St John, Walton

The day begins with an introduction to the digital revolution and then we split up into groups for workshops. There are four choices and three sessions- digital evangelism, Bible and the digital, prayer and the digital, creativity and the digital. Rev Dr Pete Phillips from Durham University’s Centre for Digital Theology will be our main speaker. This course is open to all, but booking is essential.

'Living Franciscan Spirituality Today' with Revd Dr Simon Cocksedge

Wed 01 Jul, 1.30 - 4.00pm, Church Centre, Eyam

This seminar will explore the legacy of St Francis of Assisi to see what we can learn and live out as Christians today. There will be particular emphasis on prayer and relating to creation in the Franciscan tradition. 

Growing in God's Life

Thu 15 Oct 9:30am-3:30pm, St Thomas, Brampton- BOOK NOW!

Drawing on biblical imagery of growth within the natural world, this day with author Chris Chapman will explore four recurring movements within spiritual development:

• Becoming rooted and grounded in God

• Emerging into being in response to God’s invitation

• Struggling towards abundance through resistance

• Bearing fruit and being willing to fall

These are four movements, not stages. They are seasons that meet us afresh within a lifetime of growing, stirring us once more into abundant life. Jesus, the teller of parables, invites us to hold the mystery of creation in mind and heart, like seed in the hand of the sower. ‘Look,’ he says. ‘See what happens if you are grounded in God’s good soil. Behold the wonder of who you are and what you might become.’

This day is for all wanting to understand the movements of the Spirit in their own lives and those involved in accompanying others.

Booking is essential.

New for 2020: Write it Down - Getting Started on Your Writing Journey

Sat 05 Sep 10am - 4pm Ashford War Memorial Hall, Ashford in the Water - BOOK NOW

Thu 08 Oct 10am - 4pm Church House, Derby - BOOK NOW

So many of us have something that we want to 'get down on paper.'

You may have an idea for a book, a short story or an article,

Or would you like to write down your life story or some family stories for the next generation? Your interests may be to write poetry or prayers. 

Maybe you enjoy keeping a journal for your own satisfaction or want to start an online blog.  How about the art of letter writing? 

In this one-day course, we'll explore many ideas on how to get started on your writing journey and explore the different genres and reasons for writing which short exercises, discussions, suggested reading and lots of takeaways to get you started.

These sessions are open to all, but booking is essential.



Other categories: Mission, Evangelism & Discipleship | Spirituality & Prayer | Community | Communication | Vocations | Churchwarden & Officer Training | Children's & Youth Work | Good to Go | How to Book | All courses by date

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