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Bishop Libby and Archdeacon Matthew among those to join YMCA SleepEasy

Bishop Libby, Archdeacon Matthew and Revd Neil Griffiths Bishop Libby, Archdeacon Matthew and Revd Neil Griffiths

Bishop Libby and Archdeadon Matthew will each spend a night sleeping rough in support of the YMCA's Sleep Easy campaign.

They are among those who aim to raise awareness of the plight of those who have no home to go to, and to raise funds to support efforts that will enable the YMCA to continue its vital services to those who are facing homelessness in Derby City and Derbyshire.

This year, the local event will take place at the home of Derbyshire Cricket Club on Friday, 8 March, and both Bishop Libby and Archdeacon Matthew will be given a cardboard box to use as shelter for the night.

Bishop Libby, who has taken part in previous Sleep Easy events, said: "I am pleased again to be among those supporting this local charity in raising awareness and much needed funds to tackle homelessness and its long-term impacts.

"We may have an uncomfortable night in many ways, but that in itself gives opportunity to reflect on why we are participating, and experience – just for one night – something of what it is like to be sleeping rough.

"Please do participate in Sleep Easy if you can, either by registering to join the event at the Cricket Ground or safely in your local context as Neil is in Wirksworth (see below).

"And please support the work of Derby YMCA and its partners like the Padley Centre by donating through my JustGiving page and raising awareness.

"Together we can support this vital work being done locally, combat the scourge of homelessness, and offer hope to those who find themselves suffering its impacts and consequences”.

Archdeacon Matthew, taking part in his first Sleep Easy, said: "I actually have very little appetite for sleeping under the stars in this way - but that's the whole point, really!

"For me, it's one night and doing it through choice, whereas every night in Derby and Derbyshire, more than 200 hundred individuals who have temporarily found themselves without a place to live, have no choice but to either turn to the YMCA and the Padley Centre, or sleep rough under cardboard."

Archdeacon Matthew will also be posting on Facebook from the cricket ground during the event.


Sleeping in the churchyard

The Revd Neil Griffiths, vicar for the Wirksworth Team Ministry, has also chosen to sleep out for the Sleep Easy campaign.

Before becoming a vicar Neil worked with housing organisations and YMCAs, and longs for a time when no one is homeless or poorly housed.

Neil said: "I will be bedding down in the churchyard at St Mary’s Church in Wirksworth and I hope the weather is as kind as the people who have already donated money."

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