Becoming a reader

Reader Licensing 2023 at Derby Cathedral Reader Licensing 2023 at Derby Cathedral

The Church of England takes its responsibility to select and train readers very seriously.

You may be called to become a Licensed Lay Minster (Reader).

An reader is a lay person who, following a call from God, is trained and licensed by the Anglican Church to teach the faith, enable mission and lead in church and society.

Readers are uniquely equipped to enable Christians to live out their Christian faith in the places where they spend the majority of their time.

As people who daily move between the worlds of work, home, social networks and church, readers can teach the faith and play a part in leadership such that all God’s people grow in confident and humble witness to God’s kingdom.

This ministry involves working together with an incumbent.

It can also include pastoral care, funeral ministry, and involvement in many other aspects of leadership in church and society – it now encompasses just about every area of ministry in the church apart from ordination! Watch the short video below to see how some LLM(R)s are living out their ministry (the last one, Emily, is from our Diocese).


If you feel you'd like to explore a calling to reader ministry please hop over to our dedicated reader training course website here or contact Revd Dawn Glen (dawn.glen@derby.anglican.org) for more details.

Once training begins, students go on placement in their home parish and their incumbent is expected to offer appropriate supervision and opportunity to develop new skills, preach and take part in leading worship. 

Students also do an external placement in a different setting.

For further informaiton, please contact Revd Dawn Glen - dawn.glen@derby.anglican.org or visit www.discipleship-training.org.

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