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Reader licence Renewals

Reader licences and the Bishop’s Permission to Officiate are renewed in Derby Diocese every three years during Advent. The Warden of Readers will be in contact with individual Readers to remind them when they need to renew, so please don’t work through the process without being in touch with the office!

Renewing a licence or PTO is not just a piece of administration, but a really good opportunity to take stock of the ministry that you offer with the people around you, as well as in the quiet of your own heart and mind. You might want to spend some time as you go through the paperwork asking for some feedback or working through your priorities. If you would like some suggestions for how to do this, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

As you go through this process, in order to renew your licence you need to gather some paperwork together as follows:


  1. A Working Agreement with your incumbent or, if your parish is in vacancy, your Area Dean

  2. A letter of support from your PCC

  3. A form which lets us know that we have the correct contact details and other important details right on your file.

  4. Proof that you have a current and appropriate DBS. If you need to apply for a DBS check to be done please refer to the Safeguarding section of the website. Otherwise please let us know when your DBS check in valid from and to and we will check it.

  5. Your paper licence or PTO letter so that we can amend it.

Templates of these documents can be found below.



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