Wednesday, 05 May 2021 14:06

Meet our new Ministries Development officers

The Diocese of Derby has welcomed two key appointments to help shape diocesan ministries as we look to the future.

The Revd Dwayne Engh joins as the new Ordained Ministries Development Officer and Jo Henderson-Merrygold is the new Lay Ministries Development Officer and Warden of Readers.

Jo writes:

I have come into this role to champion, celebrate, and enable lay ministries across the diocese.

I am a Methodist Local Preacher and lay theologian, who is just putting the finishing touches to a Biblical Studies PhD at the University of Sheffield.

These experiences have built my passion for lay ministry – and I look forward to opportunities to celebrate its diverse forms.

My own experience includes pioneer projects, mission enabling, chaplaincy, and lay pastoring. I have already been warmly welcomed by the Readers and am grateful for their understanding of a Methodist in the mix!

I am looking forward continuing to get to know those currently serving in lay ministries: to hear your joys and successes, challenges and learning points.

I plan to work with colleagues across the diocese to celebrate our achievements – big and small – and to share the wealth of our experiences with one another.

In fact, I hope to host a festival of lay ministries as soon as possible.

I trust and pray that this will increase our confidence in what we are already doing, give us opportunities to develop further, and encourage others to offer their gifts and skills too.

Then, alongside colleagues in the Discipleship, Ministries and Mission Team, I will continue to resource and enable these ministries to grow and flourish.

In the meantime, if you have any queries don’t hesitate to get in touch: jo.henderson-merrygold@derby.anglican.org.

Dwayne will be looking after IME2 (curate training) and CMD (continuing ministerial development). 

He writes: 

I was born in Vancouver but raised mostly in Calgary (Canada) – and have been blessed with a wide range of opportunities/previous careers as a composer, conductor, percussionist, and educator (both secondary and post-secondary in Calgary, Shanghai, and London).

I have been in the UK since 2009 and was ordained in 2015 in the Church of England, having trained to be a priest at Westcott House. 

My previous dwelling place was in the Diocese of Coventry, where I was vicar of St Mary Magdalen Church, Chapelfields. 

Within the wider diocese, I was on Bishop’s Council and Diocesan Synod. 

Additionally, I was an Assistant Diocesan Director of Ordinands and the Ministerial Development Associate, supporting clergy training in that diocese. 

I also love being a Spiritual Director and accompanying people on their journey with God. 

My last service in Coventry was Easter Sunday and I’m already missing presiding/preaching. 

I’d love to get to know the diocese better and offer myself as cover (up to twice a month at most) if anyone needs to take time off or people are in vacancy.  Please feel free to contact me if you might be interested in that!

I appreciate the warm welcome I’ve already received since I’ve moved into Derby and look forward to serving the people of this diocese with you!

You can contact me by email: dwayne.engh@derby.anglican.org

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