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This paper outlines the current System, approved by the Diocesan Synod in February 2002.  The System aims to identify the ‘Potential’ income of parishes, based on their numerical strength and the average personal income of parishioners.  It then uses the relative size of those Potential Incomes to divide up the Diocesan Budget between the parishes as the Parish Share.

The Assessment has 2 main elements:

A   The Count
(i)  Electoral Roll figures are collected annually and given a 1/3 weighting
(ii)  Usual Sunday Adult Attendance figures are collected annually via cards completed by churchwardens during Lent.  These figures are then averaged with figures for the previous 2 years and a 2/3 weighting is applied
Therefore (i) and (ii) achieve a measure of core membership but
(iii) Population Factor is added, reflecting the potential for PCCs to raise income from the wider community.  The Factor increases on a sliding scale from 2 to 25, for parish populations from 1 to above 4400.  Where a parish has more than one church or ‘worship centre’ the Factor is extended to reflect the possibility of contact with a greater proportion of the community.

B  Income
(i) Census information provides details of the proportion of different income groups within communities, scheduled by the occupation of the ‘Head of Household’
(ii) Statistics produced by central government identify average incomes for each of those income groups.
The System calculates the average income of a parishioner (not church member) by combining the above data.  It also deducts an allowance for basic living expenses before taking 5% of the resulting figure as an estimate of the potential giving by an ‘average’ parishioner at the rate of giving recommended by the General Synod.

Potential individual giving Income (B) is then multiplied by the ‘Count’ (A) to give the Basic Assessment of Parish Potential Income.

C Adjustments
 The Basic Assessment for any parish is then subject to the following adjustments:
(i) Parish investment income in excess of £5000 per annum is added;
(ii) A deprivation allowance of 7% of Basic Assessment is deducted from the assessments of parishes in the poorest 20% band (with a double allowance for parishes in the poorest 10% band);
(iii) A basic allowance of £2000 per church building is deducted; and
(iv) A rural travel allowance of £750 is deducted to assist with travel expenses where 3 or more parishes share an incumbent.

D Net Assessment and Parish Share
The proportion of an individual parish’s Net Assessment to the total of all parishes’ Net Assessments is then applied to the total funding required from parishes to balance the Diocesan Budget.  The resulting figure will be the individual Parish Share.

E MMA Share
With the grouping together of parishes into Mission and Ministry Areas (MMAs) with effect from 2008 the share figures of parishes within an MMA have been combined into an ‘MMA Share’ figure.  Parishes have local freedom to renegotiate their contributions within that total, provided that the original total is achieved.  The simple arithmetical total of the parish level share figures is also subject to a minimum (or floor), assessed to cover minimum 50% of the direct costs of all stipendiary ministry posts (excluding curates)  serving the MMA.  A maximum (or ceiling) level per post is also applied, this being calculated by dividing the total of the Diocesan Budget by the total number of parochial incumbent status posts in the Diocese.

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Edmund Burke famously said that for evil to triumph it was only necessary for good people to do nothing.  Our society  faces many issues about the quality of our life together, how we care for those in need, and what we need to do in order to establish a more equitable and sustainable society.


Local councillors are people who give their time and energy to trying to help us work at these issues in our own neighbourhoods.  The privilege of living in a democracy means that each of us can play a part in deciding upon the priorities that should be pursued.


As people who are called to care about the quality of life of all God’s children, Christians need to take a lead in expressing our views and using our votes.


I would encourage all of us to look at the issues being debated in our own locality, to assess the aspirations of each candidate, and to exercise our precious right to vote.  Our communities need people to stand up for Christian values – fairness, especial concern for the stranger and the needy, challenge to policies which might benefit only particular groups rather than seeking to bind together better all citizens and their concerns.


Jesus paid taxes.  Paul called for positive support for good government. We need to play our part - in times of such political apathy this might mean that our voice can be especially significant, as a witness and a model of responsible citizenship.


Vote – and avoid the danger of the forces of chaos flourishing because good people did nothing.





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We hold Midday prayers every Friday in the Cathedral to which evryone is welcome to join in. Prayers last 15-20mins so pop in during your lunch break or whilst shopping.

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This leaflet contains some thought provoking ideas; a case study from Derby Diocese; practical suggestions of churches and schools working together; some useful links and resources.

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This leaflet can be printed off and contains a short but thought provoking article about how churches can work with their schools as part of their mission; practical ideas for working together; a case study from Derby Diocese; useful links and resources.

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The Diocese of Derby now has a blog. Read it here http://dioceseofderby.wordpress.com/



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The Diocese of Derby and Derby Cathedral have entered a partnership to fund a single new post to fulfil distinct but highly complementary roles in the Cathedral and Diocesan offices.


As the role is somewhat experimental, based on the perceived degree of overlap in

the responsibilities and skill sets required, the appointment will be for a fixed-term

for twelve months and subject to a formal review of the arrangement after

six months.


The Diocese and Cathedral Chapter are seeking someone who is

·      committed to the spirit of the partnership

·      understanding of and sympathetic to the needs of both organisations

·      very highly organised and flexible

·      well resourced with tact, energy and imagination.


Salary: £40,000


Location: Derby Cathedral Offices, with some presence in Derby Church House (two minutes’ walk)


Hours: Full time (40 hours per week, including some evening and weekend working)


Full details from: The Dean of Derby, Derby Cathedral Office, Cathedral Centre, 18/19 Irongate, Derby DE1 3GP email: office@derbycathedral.org


Applications close: Monday 8th August 2011


Interviews in Derby on: Monday 15th August 2011

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This is an experiential course for both lay and ordained, exploring the basics of listening, teaching prayer, discernment and accompanying others in the Christian life.

Led by Judith Crane, David Runcorn, Michael Mitton and Glenis Page.

January - June 2012

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In previous years schools, parishes, individuals and organisations have supported the Harvest Appeal in a variety of ways from church services, coffee mornings, harvest suppers,  school events to a Christmas carol CD.

Diocese Events

23 July 7.30 p.m - Voces Episcopi will be performing a sequence of sacred music and readings at St Oswald's Church Ashbourne. Voce Episcopi is made up of singers from London and Derby choirs and has kindly produced a CD which will be on sale at the concert. There is free entry to the concert and refreshments will be provided.

For further information about how to fundraise, to advertise an event or enquiries about the Voces Episcopi concert please contact the Bishop's Office on chaplain@thebishopofderby.org


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The Harvest Appeal 2011 will support the Cathedral Relief Service in Calcutta, India.  The city of Calcutta has a population of over 15 million with 5 million people living in the slums.  To put this into context the city of Derby has less than 250,000 inhabitants.  The CRS ethos is to enable the children of the slums to lift themselves out of poverty through primary education, training and healthcare.  At present, it touches the lives of more than 600 children but would like to expand with six new initiatives:


  • A child labour programme to educate at primary level and to train children that need to work;
  • An environmental club to encourage awareness in a rapidly industrialising India;
  • An iron supplementation programme for anaemic children;
  • Midday meals to improve nutrition and encourage school attendance;
  • Weekly counselling sessions for those who have suffered from domestic violence and sexual abuse.


I would be delighted if you could participate in any way to support the Cathedral Relief Service as we remember the message of giving during Harvest.


With best wishes,


Yours ever,


Bishop Alastair

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“God our deliverer,
raise up the poor and comfort the betrayed,
through the one who for our sakes became poor
and whose betrayal brought our salvation,
Jesus Christ our Lord.”

(Common Worship)

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Defending Faith - a sermon preached at Westminster Abbey on Sunday 20 February 2011

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Christmas and Cuts

Most people tend to associate Christmas with giving.  We give gifts to family and friends, we give time to be with particular people. We give hospitality.  In a real sense we also give peace a chance – that is the effect of the season of goodwill.

And, the more we give, the more we tend to get back in love, appreciation, quality of being with others. 

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Lord Jesus my Saviour, let me now come to thee.
My heart is cold; O Lord warm it with thy selfless love.
My heart is sinful; cleanse it by thy precious blood.
My heart is weak; strengthen it by thy joyous spirit.
My heart is empty; fill it with thy divine presence.
Lord Jesus, my heart is thine; possess it always and only for thyself.
(after St Augustine)

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The Mission Fund exists to support MMAs and parishes in the funding of mission opportunities and initiatives. It is hoped that such investment will enable churches to be more effective in engaging with their communities and sharing God’s love with them.


The Panel is willing to consider a wide range of applications, both for ‘one off’ events and for the appointment of staff. In recent years, successful applications have included :


  • ‘Songs of Praise’ at Carsington Water
  • ‘Pop Connection’ which draws together the church in Belper with its local Schools
  • Resources to establish ‘The Gates’, a pioneer project reaching young people in Chesterfield
  • Fresh Expressions work across the diocese
  • Youth Workers in Wirksworth and in Long Eaton
  • A Development Worker in Danesmoor



The money for the Fund is provided by the Church Commissioners’ Parish Mission Fund. They are not able to make a long term to ensure such ongoing funds but have guaranteed funding being available until 2013.


The Mission Fund Panel meets twice a year to consider applications, usually in May and October. Guidelines and criteria for applications, plus the application form, are available from Bishop Humphrey’s Office. Applications should be sent to Bishop Humphrey, who chairs the Panel, at least 14 days before the Panel meets

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