Community Engagement

The global pandemic has caused the Church to enter unchartered territory. 

It is important that people understand that the Church is still working for them and supporting them. 

Although we may be physically separated from people, there are countless ways we can continue to engage with them.

Please use this page to draw inspiration.

Please remember to regularly check the Church Of England's website for the latest updates on how the Church is working during the coronavirus pandemic.

Topic Section                       

The main section for resources and information, conveniently divided into topic areas

Mission and Evangelism

The Cinnamon Network are holding weekly webinars addressing pressing issues for churches engaging with their communities.  Topics include leading well during lockdown, safel loving care homes and engaging with disadvantaged youth.  To sign up for future webinars and to watch recordings of past webinars, go to their webinars page.
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Everybody Welcome Online is an extension to the popular resource to help churches welcome and integrate newcomers into the life of their worshipping community. Click here to go to the blog page to download the whole document or individual chapters. It looks at welcoming newcomers during the current lockdown and also has some good advice, ideas and resources for online church. It also looks at how we might hold on to the learning of these times and integrate online church effectively into our mission and ministry as we move back to meeting physically at the end of lockdown.
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Forty Days and Forty NightsEighty ecumenical prayers and reflections for the COVID-19 crisis from the worldwide church

Christian Women's Prayers 

As churches begin to re-open for individual prayer, the Church of England Print Hub have produced posters to welcome people. The posters – one for outside the church and one to place inside, feature QR codes that take people to some simple prayers and to light a candle online directly from their phones.
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The Church of England has produced  Specific Prayers to be used during the pandemic.

Prayers from the World- a collection of prayers from different denominations, traditions and countries. You can download the resource here.
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St Alkmund's Derby have put together a booklet of Prayers Following a Bereavement.  You can download the resource here.
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The Time to Pray app is now completely free with resources for prayer during the day.

Something for parents to do with their children while home from school using green spaces. Wild Worship Field Guide

Prayer Walk During Lockdown has been put together by Nicky Fenton at Holbrook, Milford, Shottle and Hazelwood. It's full of prayer activites and ideas as you walk, and you can download a copy here.
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Spiritual Health and Discipleship- the Diocese of Derby Discipleship Training course is introducing a NEW  micro-module 4 session course on how to help us sustain our spiritual health and discipleship in this time of isolation.  Sessions will be released weekly from Easter Sunday. The sessions are Prayer in Isolation, Worship in Isolation, Discipleship in Isolation and Mission in Isolation. 

Effective Missional Small Groups Webinars The Fusion Movement are running a series of webinars around running effective missional small groups online. They are free to access and you can register for the webinars here.
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50 Acts During Lockdown is a resource from Revd Julian Penfold of 50 things that folks can do during the lockdown, for peoples' own wellbeing as well as that of others. You can download the resource here.
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Something for parents to do with their children while home from school using green spaces. Wild Worship Field Guide


Messy Church Under Lockdown Think that you can't run Messy Church under lockdown? The national team have produced some excellent resources to do just that, covering right through to August. Access the resources here

Spiritual Communion- Church of England guidance on how we share spiritual communion though we may not be able to share the sacrament together.

Diocesan Children's Adviser Sarah Brown is creating resources for families and adding them to the Faith at Home page of the website.  She is aiming to produce two or three activities suitable for children with parents/carers to do at home, based on one of the Lectionary readings (usually the Gospel reading) each week. She is also aiming to produce a 3 or 4 minute video clip – sometimes with Pecky the Parrot – which is suitable to add to a streamed service from your church. This will reflect  the Sunday Lectionary theme, presented so that children will hopefully be engaged!

Recording Church Attendance During Lockdown One or two enquiries have been received about whether and how we should be recording attendance for online services (as we normally did in the service register). Whilst we can't do this in the same way for online church as the service isn't located in the church, there is guidance on how to record attendance and online services being developed by the national church. The Statistics for Mission web page now has information and resources about recording attendance for online services, as well as a draft electronic form for you to use and feed back on.
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Worship at Home, a resource for families created by Mary Hawes, National Children & Youth Adviser for the Church of England

Occasional Offices

The Church of England Life Events team has put together some guidance on funerals, baptisms and weddings during this time. This is being updated as further restrictions are put in place. Please also keep an eye on the Church Of England's FAQs.

IT & Technical Information

How to run a PCC meeting via Zoom in lockdown contains some useful information on the topic from CPAS. You can find it here.

Understanding Engagement with Online Church There have been many encouraging stories about how many people are engaging with online church - but how reliable are the numbers? The Church of England digital team have produced some good guidance on how to use the various online platforms' data analysis tools, and there is a helpful article also in the Zoom support pages:

Streaming music licences-CCLI has devised a licence plan for churches during the coronavirus pandemic.

Church of England Learning Labs are running a series of webinars around a range of subjects to help churches during lockdown, from receiving online donations to using particular online platforms or making the most of A Church Near You. You can view the available webinars and book in here.
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General Information

Derbyshire County Council have produced a support pack for volunteers during the Covid 19 pandemic Talking About Mental Health and Wellbeing. You can download the resource here.
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Diocesan Mental Health and Credit Union (+debt) web pages - when supporting those in our communities who are struggling financially and with mental wellbeing, these pages offer some good resources and information links.

How can I volunteer in South Derbyshire?

Advice on safe handling and distribution of paper resources - Paper protocol [PDF]

The Community Response Unit to Help Those in Need has now been launched from Derbyshire County Council and is ready to take requests for assistance from members of the community who don't have friends or family to help them:
https://derbyshire.gov.uk/social-health/health-and-wellbeing/health-protection/disease-control/coronavirus/community-response-unit/community-response-unit.aspx. This contains a considerable section on mental health support; tailored and expert support (including over the phone and internet) is available within Derby and Derbyshire for individuals at this time.

Emotional Health and Wellbeing Support is on the Covid-19 microsite https://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/social-health/health-and-wellbeing/health-protection/disease-control/coronavirus/emotional-health-and-wellbeing/emotional-health-and-wellbeing.aspx.

Mental Health Support in a Crisis from Derbyshire County Council may be found at https://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/social-health/health-and-wellbeing/mental-health-and-wellbeing/support-in-a-crisis/mental-health-support-in-a-crisis.aspx.

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Slightly older resources and information for when you're looking further back


Socially Distant  by Tim Watson - a free resource of prayers, poems and postures for the isolated 

Lectio 365 - a daily, devotional resource that helps you pray the Bible every day

Reimagining the Examen - Reimagining the Examen is a fresh and customised prayer experience inspired by St. Ignatius’s Examen, a practice that helps you review your day with God. With modern Examens tailored to your mood, needs, and situation, our app invites you pray from where you are, wherever you are. Choose from more than thirty guided reflections about relationships, pending decisions, and gratitude, or select the day’s allotted reflection

The Diocese of Portsmouth has added links to Word docs of prayers on its website:
Praying through confusion and bewilderment
Prayer in time of anxiety

Prayers & Verses for those in isolation from Kirk Hallam [PDF]

Fr Richard Peers has compiled a selection of resources for worship at home.

Prayer poems for reflection


Eckington with Ridgeway churches have launched the Moss Valley Pod, a podcast providing a Bible reading, thought for the day, prayers (from Common Worship), plus community information, shout outs and weekly quiz. The podcast is released every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Gresley Church are sending daily email updates with advice and information as well as ways to keep people connected to each other and to connect to God

Revd Cath Hollywell has created Circles of Support for members of the Journey Community to support each other.  


Resources from Thy Kingdom Come - Here are 10 Ideas to Help Your Church Continue Worship during the lockdown.

Daily Prayer at home - from St Michael Breaston [PDF]

Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer at home - from St Mary & St Laurence Bolsover [PDF]

Worship at Home- from Buxton Team Parish [PDF]

Worship at Home- from the Journey Community [PDF]

Struggling Saints - a Twitter Christian community led by Tim Rourke. A 'how to' guide to help people get involved can be found here.

Illustrated Ministry - free all-age resources.

Resources to help children & young people worship at home from the DIocese of Portsmouth

Where can I worship in isolation? - Where?

Psephizo have produced a series of helpful articles on online church:
The meaning of online church:
Preaching in online church:
Communion in online church:
Please note that this is not a Church of England site and therefore the policies outlined here may not reflect those of the Church of England.
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Occasional Offices

Revd Bryony Taylor has added a page to the website for Barlborough & Clowne to guide families and friends on funerals during the pandemic.

IT & Technical Information

Digital resources for parishes: View | Download


See a short video is here explaining how to use the free app Anchor to start a podcast for your church as we move to worshipping more online. 


A blog about being church online from Revd Bryony Taylor

Streaming support for parishes

The Church of England has really stepped up its webinar offering to help churches reach and support their local communities during this challenging time. To see what's on offer and book your free place, go to the Labs Learning section of the website.

General Information

Alone [Together] is a 'guide to isolation and social distancing from those who know.'  There are short videos and written reflections from people for whom the experience of social distancing or isolation is a lived reality including monks, nuns, the housebound and people who have been held hostage.  They speak from their wealth of experience on prayer, bereavement, shaping the day, overcoming fear, expressing thankfulness and much more.
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Community in a Crisis Facebook Page gives ideas, resources and stories from churches working in the current lockdown. Access the page here.

Your Brain Won't Work as Well- Tips for Spiritual Leaders during Covid 19

Mental Health Resources and  Wellbeing advice

The Stop Loan Sharks helpline service (0300 555 2222) remains open and fully operational during the COVID-19 pandemic and encourages not only victims but friends, family members and the wider community to come forward if they suspect someone is suffering at the hands of loan sharks.

Find your local Mutual Aid Group - Local Group Search

Support for farmers is available from the Rural Chaplaincy team - Rural Chaplaincy [PDF]

Arthur Rank Centre guide for rural churches and coronavirus

Food Access and Support - The Public Health Department at Derbyshire County Council have produced a very useful document that provides information on food access and support. This document outlines the various categories of people designated by Government for support and provides further details of how to access that support in Derbyshire.

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Approaches to community engagement  
Mission Action Planning is now well established across the Diocese which will encourage Community Engagement as an integral part of Mission. 

Stella Collishaw, Community Action Officer, through her knowledge of local and regional organisations on current work fields will work with you to improve connections with your community to enable you to develop social justice focussed work. Currently seconded.

Gareth Greenwood, Community Project Development Officer, can provide advice and support to you in the development of specific projects or initiatives.  Gareth also administers the new Building Community Fund

In-house training planned in the Learning in Faith and Discipleship Training. Also related events may get posted on Environment pages 'Whats Happening' section. Signposting to training beyond the diocese is at Training from outside organisations.



If you are looking to redevelop the use of your church building or hall, but aren’t sure what steps to take then there are a number of resources which will be of help.

Resources from DAC DAC

Crossing the Threshold – a Community Development approach to the use of Church Buildings Crossing the Threshold


Funding and grants  

Heritage Lottery Fund

BIG Lottery Grants

Raymon Ross Large Small Scheme

Church Urban Fund- Gareth Greenwood is the Diocesan link officer for CUF Church Urban Fund

Comic Relief Fund


Funding Central

Environmental Funding guide from Helen Simpkiss.

Networks & Research Links

Nationally we have good links with the Social Responsibility Network across England and Wales which shares conferences, regional networks and resources.

Themed work is ongoing in a number of areas.  Click on links below for more information:

Environment Derby Diocese agreed in June 2018 to work to become an awarded Eco Diocese. Parishes are registering and developing this work in partnership.

Credit Unions  including work impacting poverty, debt, scams, and key social policy changes impacting the welfare state such as Universal Credit and related campaigns.

Food Poverty both advisers link to the county Feeding Derbyshire initiative and related campaiging organisations.

Mental Health  networks in this field are strong in this county so interact with advisers as you develop work in this field and any allied work on loneliness and isolation.

Funding bodies

Project planning – Tools and resources  

Alongside the MAP resources we have a range of other tools that will be useful at any stage of planning a project, initiative or event from the early ideas stage to supporting or facilitating evaluation in your parish or Deanery.

We also value your contact where there are good stories we can share to inspire others to illustrate the practical nature of our work.


Visible Difference SR network research report 2017

Christians in Practice Lichfield/Saltley research 2017

Contact Us

Stella Collishaw – 01332 388685

Gareth Greenwood – 01332 388690

If you develop a community initiative it would assist referral agencies to list it in Derbyshire Community Directory.


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