Creationtide or the Season of Creation is the period in the annual church calendar, from 1 September to 4 October, dedicated to God as Creator and Sustainer of all life. 

The theme for the Season of Creation 2021 is A Home for All, renewing the oikos of God. Oikos means 'home' or 'family' and is the root of our words starting with 'eco' like 'ecology' and 'economics'. The last year has been a wake up call to the need to restore our relationships with God, creation and each other.

The ideas and resources in the Celebration Guide [PDF] will help you find a way to pray or to hold an event or special service.

>> Find out more about the Season of Creation

>> Creationtide information and resources on the CofE website


One of the key events during Creationtide is Harvest. 

We do hope the following resources and ideas will inspire you.


A prayer for Harvest

Loving God,
we give thanks for those who produce our food:
for farmers and fishermen, factory and shop workers.
We pray for those for whom this has been a difficult year:
farmers who have battled the weather to grow food,
delivery drivers and shop workers who kept working despite the pandemic.
Help us to value and support each other.
In Jesus’ name.


The Bishop of Derby's Harvest Appeal 2021

>> Learn more about the Bishop of Derby's Harvest Appeal 2021


Resources for clergy

>> "Thank You to our Farmers" - Arthur Rank Centre 

>> Farming Community Network - Harvest 2021

>> Farming Community Network - slides for use in services


Harvest at Church

Decorate the church, take photos and use on social media/website. Invite people to visit, give thanks, offer a prayer walk around and in church.

Hold an online Harvest Festival Celebration using Facebook / YouTube.

Display information on The Bishop of Derby's Harvest Appeal 2021 in church.

Put a banner up outside the church to Thank Farmers.

Encourage schools to engage through art-work and voucher scheme for donations to food banks.


Harvest at Home

Take photos of your own harvest in gardens or the creation enjoyed to display in services, on social media. Link with @dioceseofderby using hashtag #harvesthanks.

Gather pledges on actions people can do to care for creation, e.g. make bird boxes etc.

Make an online donation to The Bishop of Derby's Harvest Appeal and use your social media accounts to promote the appeal across your network.

Play recorded Harvest music.

Host a Harvest at Home meal and offer thanks. Try to use all locally “home grown” food or cook a special meal, and say a special grace.

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