A prayer for all those affected by coronavirus
Keep us, good Lord,
under the shadow of your mercy.
Sustain and support the anxious,
be with those who care for the sick,
and lift up all who are brought low;
that we may find comfort
knowing that nothing can separate us from your love
in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Source: the Church of England website


Reflections and tips from the Church of England to support good mental health and coping with physical distancing 


Advice on coping with physical isolation from Farmwell


pertinent advice from a neighbouring Diocese

Investing in your own Wellbeing The restrictions in place are likely to become more severe before they are relaxed, and they are likely to remain in force for months rather than weeks. It is therefore vital for each of us to look after ourselves and invest in our own wellbeing. Globally, locally and personally, the impact of the virus is at best grim and at worst bitterly distressing. If therefore there is any respect in which the radical change in the pattern of daily life offers you welcome space and freedom, please do not feel guilty about it. Please inhabit it gratefully.....I hope you will look for ways to use this ‘time out’ from ordinary routines to maximise your physical, emotional and spiritual fitness — if as seems likely, we are in for a long haul, that will prove important. If you have a garden, get out into it; if you have children at home, spend time with them; read books, watch films, walk the dog — be well and be gentle with yourself



Derbyshire Mental Health Forum latest.


Harmless latest blog.


Samaritans news.


Related Lif (in house) training has been postponed. 


Derbyshire Mental Health Forum and Erewash CVS merger: Derbyshire Mental Health Forum will function as before but, by becoming part of Erewash Voluntary Action, both organisations become stronger together in terms of cost-effectiveness. Contact Angela Kerry at Derbyshire Mental Health Forum or Stella Scott at Erewash Voluntary Action. The Mental Heatlh Forum offer training and liaise on behalf of the Voluntary and Community Sector with NHS structures.


Supporting Good Mental Health film clips from a recent Conference (Oct 2019) run by the Archbishop of Canterbury. Includes 10 daily reflections.




Small Talk Saves Lives Samaritans campaign



Childrens Commissioner for England speaks out on children and young peoples mental health


Briefing. Related blog from Children's Society.


Mind and Soul Foundation resources.




Derbyshire resources 


Getting help in a crisis see click here


Alzheimers Society have the Dementia Support Contract for Derbyshire.


The Alzheimer’s Society deliver this service in Derbyshire (excludes City).The service offers one to one support, Memory Cafes, Carers groups and Singing for the Brain across Derbyshire.
Referrals for the service should be made to email or tel: 01332 208845. Their website has an enormous wealth of information. Dementia Friends Training is recommended.

Derby City Dementia Support is offered by Making Space email or tel: 01332 497640.


Dementia friendly film showings and booking.


East Midlands Suicide Awareness Project:

Half day awareness training or search Eventbrite for ‘Suicide awareness seminar’. This project is located at Rural Action Derbyshire (formerly Derbyshire Rural Community Council).


Mental Health First Aid

Courses are run nationally and local availability is listed on the Training pages  - external organisations tab or search 'Eventbrite'.


National Dementia Helpline: 0845 300 0336. On line support: Talking point

Alzheimers Society offer a course  'Dementia friends' which is recommended.  contact 01332 208845 web:   



  • Stella Collishaw is the lead on community and mental health and links with local networks on behalf of the Diocese.


  • National resource 'Promoting mental health' see below.



  • Quiet Days are a resource that can protect or improve wellbeing. Participants can simply make space from the busy pace and pressure of life and are supported by a spiritual leader. Take time to reflect and step outside of usual routine. Look up Local opportunities run in house and by other organisations. If you want to run a quiet day why not go to the next Learning in faith course on 'How to plan a Quiet Day'.


  • Insight on wellbeing from the New Economics Foundation '5 ways to wellbeing' is in the paragraph below. This scheme is widely adopted.



  • If you cannot take the time for a quiet day why not take a moment to slow down, be still, notice how you are feeling, listen to your breathing. Shut off the 'to do' list for a few minutes, sense with your spirit, find a prayer-like space without words, remain here for a few moments, and sense the presence of God. You may choose to pray with us today  click here or pray                                                                                                                                                                       

God of Compassion,


You meant us to be both fragile and ordinary.


Silence the voices that say we are not good enough,


Haven’t achieved enough,


Haven’t enough to show for our lives,


That we are not enough.


Help us to know that we are treasure,


We are prized,


We are cherished,


We are loved.




By you.


So be with us in our corrugations of feeling:


When our hearts are in downward freefall, be with us


When our minds race with anxiety, be with us


When our throats close in fear, be with us


When sleep will not come, be with us


When waking hurts, be with us.


In the name of Jesus,


Who knew trauma, abuse, despair and abandonment


And has nothing but love for us,




with permission by Alison Webster, Oxford Diocese




What's happening?


In house training with full details can be seen on the Learning in Faith. Courses are free to parishioners in Derby Diocese. Upcoming:-

Seriously Messy- Helping Families as They Cope with Death 28 April 2020

Mental Health and prayer 28 March 2020

How to plan a quiet day 30 April 2020

Mental Health First Response for Clergy, Youth and Children's Leaders 29 Jun 2020


Training from other local organisations:


Suicide Awareness training is available in 2020. Booking email .


Derbyshire County Council, training opportunities includes

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Helath Champions training

Health Literacy Awareness


Recommended resources

Derbyshire Mental Health Forum latest


Archbishop Justins conference on mental health autumn 2019 has associated published resources for supporting good mental health.


What promotes or helps wellbeing? ‘ active..take notice..keep learning..give..five ways to wellbeing, New Economics Foundation.


‘Promoting mental health. A resource for spiritual and pastoral care’,  Archbishops Council


An Ordinary Office. A new resource aimed at including everyone of all abilities. Makaton option and audio version included.


Small talk saves lives campaign  in particular see Sarah's story which was shown to good effect at Derbyshire Suicide Prevention Partnership annual event chaired most recently by the Samaritans.


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