I am Sarah Brown – Diocesan Children’s Adviser. I work part-time for the Diocese of Derby – usually all day Monday and Tuesday and also Wednesday morning.

My mobile is 07425 132717 and my email address is

Covid Regulations around Children and Young People in Church - Sept 2020 

Please read the official guidance first in these three places:

The Church of England website:

and also the CofE National Advisers detailed advice:

UK Government advice

National Youth Agency Advice

This document has further details.Covid Webinar Report


You might have heard or seen reports that Toddler groups of 15 people can now meet. This is slightly misleading - this applies only to those groups who are offering SUPPORT to those who attend, rather than a SOCIAL gathering. Please read the guidance below before making a decision about whether your group could meet.





Faith at Home

Below are some resources to use at home with children.These are designed to use with children and adults together.

You are welcome to use these resources and distribute them freely..

Family lectionary at home

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY -  Ideas for a live or online All Age service, and activities for Faith at Home -  Sunday 8th NOVEMBER 2020

Rememberence Sunday - SERVICE and ACTIVITIES

Sunday 25th October Last After Trinity BIBLE SUNDAY

Last after Trinity Sheet - BIBLE SUNDAY

Sunday 18th October - Trinity 19 

Trinity 19 - Jesus and the Roman Tax Mathew 22:15-22

Sunday 11th October - Trinity 18 (Proper 23)

Trinity 18 Sheet - The Parable of the Wedding Banquet Matt 22:1-14

Sunday 4th October - Trinity 17 (Proper22)

Trinity 17 Sheet - The Ten Commandments and The Tenants Exodus 20 and Matthew 21:32-end

Sunday 27th September - Trinity 16 (Proper 21)

Trinity 16 Sheet The Two Sons Matthew 21

HARVEST FESTIVAL - The Greedy Farmer Luke 12:16-30

Harvest Festival RESOURCES - The Greedy Farmer Luke 12

Sunday 20th September - Trinity 15 (Proper 20)

Trinity 15 Sheet  Manna From Heaven

Sunday 13th September - Trinity 14 (Proper 19)

Trinity 14 Sheet A Walk through the Sea

Sunday 6th September - Trinity 13 (Proper 18)

Trinity 13 Plagues and Passover

 PowerPoint The First Passover

Sunday 30th August - Trinity 12 (Proper 17)

Trinity 12 Moses and the Burning Bush [Word]

Sunday 23rd August - Trinity 11 (Proper 16) 

Trinity 11 Moses in the Bulrushes [Word]

Sunday 16th August - Trinity 10 (Proper 15)

Trinity 10 sheet: PDF | Word

Washing hands: Matthew 15:1-20 PDF | PPT

Sunday 9th August - Trinity 9 (Proper 14)

Trinity 9 sheet

Sunday 2nd August - Trinity 8 (Proper 13)

Trinity 8 sheet

Trinity 8 - How many people?

Sunday 26th July - Trinity 7 (Proper 12)

Trinity 7 sheet

Trinity 7 - Yeast activity

Sunday 18th July - Trinity 6 (Proper 11)

Trinity 6 sheet

Matthew 13:36 – 43 The Story of the Wheat and Tares - PowerPointPDF

Sunday 12th July - Trinity 5 (Proper 10)

Trinity 5 sheet

Sunday 5th July - Trinity 4 (Proper 9)

Trinity 4 sheet

Sunday 7th June - Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday sheet

Faith at Home

Faith at Home - the photo challenge

Faith at Home - photo intro 1

Faith at Home - into and links

If you’re able to go for a short walk around the area where you live, ask if you can take a phone with you and take some photos. (see the “Faith at Home” intro.) If you can’t take photos, just see if you can spot some of these things on the list below:

  • A street light
  • Rain falling
  • Some small stones
  • Some grass
  • A plant growing in good soil
  • Some netting
  • A small place to hide
  • A wall that is falling down
  • Some railings

Choose one of your photos and see where it leads you! Examples of the photos can be seen on the Faith at Home intro (see below)

Faith at Home 1 - The Broken Wall

Did you find see or take a photo of a broken down wall?

The broken wall reminds us of someone in the Old Testament called Nehemiah.

Download Faith at Home 1 to find out about him.


Faith at Home 1

If you have a printer you could play this game about building the wall (thanks to Ellie Brown for the layout and graphics)

Faith at Home 1

Faith at home 1 wall game


Faith at Home 2 - where did the seeds land?

Did you see or photograph some plants growing in unexpected places?

Maybe you saw some big spiky thistles or stinging nettles which were stopping little plants from growing.

Or maybe you saw some plants in lovely soil, growing well.

Jesus’s story about a sower encourages us to thing about where seeds land.

Faith at home 2


Faith at Home 3 - The Lord is my Shepherd

Perhaps you saw  some grass as you walked.

Faith at Home 3 is based on Psalm 23 – The Lord is my Shepherd.

Faith at Home 3


Faith at Home 4 - Light in the Darkness

Faith at Home 4


The Diocese of Portsmouth has some great resources to use at home.

If you have access to a printer, don’t miss the Bible Chat Mats which are produced by the Diocese of Bath and Wells. Great to use as you sit around the table – do some colouring and chatting!

Messy Church have also produced some ideas for Faith at Home.


You Tube videos – do make sure you preview videos before showing them to children. I haven’t watched all of these listed below!

These are from Footprints Theatre’s heritage “Story Stash”:

Crossroads Kids Clublots of parables to watch

Little Worship CompanyBible stories and songs with children’s images

And from the Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education, Bible Podlets for all ages to listen to and discuss.

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