Thy Kingdom Come 2021

Dear Friends, 

Alleluia! Christ is risen! In all the sorrows and challenges of these days, we nevertheless have this glorious hope. Christ is risen indeed! Alleluia!

With Ascension Day just four weeks away, Bishop Libby and I want to encourage you all to plan for ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ when we shall pray eagerly for the Holy Spirit to equip us to proclaim the Kingdom of God afresh as good news for everyone. 

The past few years, in the days between Ascension Day and Pentecost, ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ has taken on fresh significance a special time of prayer for the whole church, a movement both local and global, as followers of Jesus everywhere join to pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit and for many to come to know the transforming love of Christ. We are each invited to pray for five others, that they too may come to know the joy of the Gospel. Surely this year, with all that has happened, it is all the more important for us to pray for God’s blessing on our friends and neighbours?

‘Thy Kingdom Come’ need not be at all complicated – in fact the simpler the better, especially at the present time. Thy Kingdom Come resources prayers and booklets are available via the Thy Kingdom Come website:

Where churches or groups of friends wish to arrange to pray together, in church or out of doors or on Zoom, the resources are available, and come in various forms. On the national website there are also fantastic videos, games, and other prayer activities especially for use in schools or by families at home. 

There will also be locally produced reflections, prayers, poems, songs etc available each day during the time of Thy Kingdom Come via the Diocese of Derby website and on diocesan social media. During those ten days we will be posting daily videos featuring a diverse group of lay people from all over the diocese. There will also be great ideas and resources for schools, families, and young people prepared by Sarah Brown, our Diocesan Children’s Adviser.

We have heard some parishes have already indicated they intend to organise or at least encourage prayer walks – perhaps combined with litter-picking. This sounds like a wonderful, safe and joyful way of offering our prayers, walking out either on our own or in families, or with others from our church. We’d love to join you to do this – do invite us, and if possible one or other of us will come.  

As soon as you can, please tell us via what you are planning in your parish or local area – we intend to feature on the website a map of the diocese with all the events that are going on.

Meanwhile, during the ten days between Ascension and Pentecost +Libby and I have arranged to spend an hour or two quietly in each deanery, ‘in situ’ across the diocese, praying ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, for people in our local communities to know God’s transforming love in Christ.   

In the meantime, may love of our risen Lord bring new joy and hope to us all, as well as to our families, neighbours, colleagues, and friends. ‘Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as in heaven’. 

+Libby,    +Malcolm 


National Resources has a fantastic range of resources available for all ages. 

Highlights for this year include: 

  • The Cheeky Pandas(11-part series & accompanying resources)- for children aged 3 and over
  • 11 video Youth reflections produced in partnership with the Archbishop of York’s Youth Trust and an Escape Room
  • The Prayer Journal, written by Archbishop Stephen Cottrell
  • The Novena– Praying the Psalms from Ascension to Pentecost (A large print version is also available)

>> Watch a short promo video for the resources


Download the TKC apps

The Family Prayer Adventure App:




Free Resources giveaway for Churches 

100,000 free copies of this year’sPrayer Journal, written by Archbishop Stephen Cottrelland the printed Digital Family Prayer Adventure Map for children are available, you will only need to pay for postage & packaging.
For more information,


Litter Picking Advice

There is useful information on organising a litter pick here ( including:

  • Equipment required
  • Disposing of your litter and recycling
  • Health and safety
  • Heavy lifting
  • Dangerous items
  • Use of land
  • Working with children

Covid regulations

Litter picking – covid-19 guidance (from updated 29 March 2021

Health and safety

South Derbyshire council has some useful health and safety guidance including a volunteer risk assessment form


‘We Seek Your Kingdom’ 

‘We Seek Your Kingdom’, a whole-life worship song to the tune of much-loved hymn ‘Abide withme’, written by Noel Robinson, Andy Flannagan, and Graham Hunter, inspires us to see our daily tasks through God’s eyes – and live out the prayer ‘your kingdom come’ in every part of life.

Commissioned by LICC and Thy Kingdom Come, it’s an encouragement and a call to action – a declaration that each of us can join in God’s kingdom work right where we are.And a prayer that through ordinary Christians like you and me, God would transform, revive, and heal our society.

>> Watch the video and download ‘We Seek Your Kingdom’ hymn resources. 



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