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'listen to the cry of the earth and of people who are poor' a warning of urgency of environmental sustainability, its impact on poverty, and the importance of global cooperation Joint statement by

The Pope, The Ecumencial Patriarch and the Archbishop of Canterbury Sept 2021.


4000 churches register with A Rocha Uk as Eco churches. Their target is to increase that to 6000!



plenty of opportunity to find out what is going on in the Church of England latest newsletter

and also Make COP Count.

Save the date: Green Showcase live 2 Nov 2021 5-6pm


Breakfast Briefings for Church Leaders

In the lead up to COP26, we are hosting a short series of breakfast briefings to help church leaders grapple with the key issues and consider the role they can play. The sessions are led by CA staff and partners.

remaining date: 26th October 8.30am - 9.30am: Voices from the global church – how our sisters and brothers are responding

Church leaders can sign up



IPCC report published (Aug 2021) shows 

  • It is unequivocal that human behaviour is changing the climate
  • The impacts of climate change are already being felt in every region across the globe (temperate regions are not safe)
  • The impacts of climate change will continue to get worse until we stop burning fossil fuel
  • The longer we leave it to make change, the worse the impacts will be

Summary for Policymakers and comment from Bishop Graham.

Webinars to support your Eco Church journey
New webinars from A Rocha's Eco Church scheme webinars :-






Latest Church of England environmental news bulletin and to sign up to get it for free into your inbox.



Churches Count on Nature autumn webinar series 2021


There are supporting resources for you to see on the newly developed Biodiversity pages.



Latest Green Christian news.

New resources from Christian Aid 'Our Prophetic Journey Towards Climate Justice' and an outcome from 'Black Lives Matter Everywhere' report Autumn 2020. 

Churches could do more on climate change. Tearfund report with

young Christians: only 1:10 young people say churches are acting as they should.

Two thirds of young people had never heard a Sunday sermon on the issue.


Why the Climate Emergency Threatens us all, Sir James Bevan, Chief exec of the Environment Agency speaks about the resonable worst case scenario to Association of British Insurers Feb 2021.



There is a Relay from Cornwall to Glasgow, COP 26. To find out more / to offer your support along with 1000 others sign up at RELAY | YCCN. Please continue to support wriitng to your MP, sharing on social media or via Christian Aid campaign.


Eco Church


40 parishes in this Diocese have registered as Eco Churches. Ten have achieved awards. Eco church FAQs.  10 Dioceses have achieved Bronze Eco Diocese awards - Salisbury, Guildford, Birmingham, Winchester, Coventry and St Eds and Ipswich... To make contact to support a local church or find volunteering opportunities contact or go to find a church.

If you want a presentation to share with your PCC there is a course now live on this site in Training>Learning in Faith.

The Eco Church website has its own resources page- everything from measuring your carbon footprint, or being wildlife friendly to different types of  recyclable cup available. Please contact us as you register your parish so we can be in touch about training and new resources. 


further resources...


Other local / virtual training 

Whistlewood Common near Melbourne, South Derbyshire runs a number of volunteer events and courses. Accessible from Derby by bus.

In South Derbyshire district the Transforming the Trent Valley project events. Some are virutal.

Derbyshire Wildlife Trust events

WEA events. Many of these have been virtual events.

Eco Centre Wirksworth courses on hedgelaying, bee keeping, woodland management.....

tel: 01629 533038.



Study and preaching resources

If you decide to hold an outdoor service see the Church of England advice and related resources.


Climate Sunday 2021 

Nations Climate Sunday online service 5 September 2021 from Glasgow Cathedral catch up on the You Tube channel.

This year pick any Sunday before 5 September 2021.


Sustainable preaching: liturgically linked preaching and study resources. 

Caring for Creation and Living in Hope York Courses

Saying Yes to Life Ruth Valerio, written as a lent course - useful stand alone chapters for novice and engaged Christian. Highly readable. 

Mission and Creation Care for disciples, John Ray Institute

Tenants of the King, a 4 part study looking at what the Bible has to say about climate change, from Operation Noah. Worth looking at purely for answers to common questions pages 22-25. Copies were offered at clergy Conference 2018.

Faith in a Changing Climate USPG downloadable study resource with case studies from across the Anglican Communion. It includes a very helpful page on Climate Change FAQs 

Church Mission Society study resource 'The Possible world'.

Bible study based on Cherishing the Earth (2008) Margot and Martin Hodson- six week course.

Let there be stuff...? Course of 6 sessions aimed at teenagers/ young adults.

7 weeks detox from consumerism. Based on Consumer Detox by Mark Powley, St Georges, Leeds.

Christian Aid Theology of Climate Change.

Joy in Enough from Green Christian offer a confession for your focus and a challenge to rethink our economy,  acknowledge our complicity in consumerism and climate change.

Nature Connection see above

All age service from Sarah Brown

Resources from Christian Climate Action 

Derbyshire Churches Environment Network service outline aimed at use in small social distanced groups in the outdoors.

Sermon resources for Creation time

Climate denial hasn't gone away – here's how to spot arguments for delaying climate action. New research exposes the common tropes of bad faith arguments about climate change. Read in The Conversation UK


Green Christian: write up by John Payne retreat at Launde Abbey (Nov 2019). Green Christian Events and resourcesGreen Christian magazine is freely available online. 

Church of England Environment Bulletin receive it in your inbox sign up.

Christian Climate Action article Don't let the thing that stops us be us



Further Service resources can be found at shrinking the footprint,  and Germinate.

Green Hearts in association with Climate Coalition and Cafod  

School resources from Operation Noah including baked alaska clips


News archive please note related events are postponed

Archbishop of Canterbury address to faith leaders in advance of COP26.

List of councils who have declared a Climate Emergency.

World Meterological Association press release Sept 2019


Other resources

Repair Cafe helps reduce waste through mending items that might otherwise be discarded. Please note there are conditions to using the name and logo. There may be one nearby you can access- in New Mills, Eyam, Chesterfield.

Refil app. If your church has a publicly available tap which people could use to refil drinking bottles (and reduce waste) you can add it to this scheme.

Food in the Anthropocene, how changes in diet could feed the planets population.

Living the change

Frack Free Barlborough talk with Dr Ian Fairlie, international toxicologist talking about radon risk in Fracking. For Powerpoint slides email.

Sustainable Heating and Lighting conference [Powering Gods Northern Powerhouse Dec 2018] resources to download. 







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