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 A Rocha UK latest blog encourages us to reflect and think about the future.



Saying Yes to Life  written by Ruth Valerio and available now free. It was Archbishop of Canterburys Lent book 2020. Also free are links to LiveLent audio visual clips for discussion groups which may be continuing remotely and resources aimed at younger people. If you want to follow the series remotely especially in the current climate there is also a facebook Group.


All Saints Sawley have achieved a silver Eco Church award. Congratulations to all of them for reaping this accolade and helping us all in our aim to become an awarded Eco Diocese in 2020. There is a feature in this edition of Together magazine issue 8 page 16.


Eco church training (Learning in Faith)


Training in plan has been postponed.


Article by de la Pasture about tree planting and farming.


Helpful funding guide for Environmental projects from Helen Simpkiss.




Eco Church


37 parishes in this Diocese have registered as Eco Churches. Seven have achieved awards. Eco church FAQs.  6 Dioceses have achieved Bronze Eco Diocese awards - Salisbury, Guildford, Birmingham, Winchester, Coventry and St Eds and Ipswich. To make contact to support a local church or find volunteering opportunities contact or go to find a church.

If you want a presentation for your PCC there is free to use material at Promoting Eco Church. This includes a powerpoint presentation and film clips. the Eco Church website has its own resources page- everything from measuring your carbon footprint, or being wildlife friendly to different types of cup available. Please let us know as you register your parish so we can be in touch about training and new resources.



further resources...




Other training to explore after the crisis

Eco Centre Wirksworth runs courses on hedgelaying, bee keeping, woodland management.....

tel: 01629 533038.

Whistlewood Common near Melbourne, South Derbyshire runs a number of volunteer events and courses.


Other resources

Jan 2020 General Synod talks becoming carbon neutral as Church of England launches energy rating tool for buildings. A tool is currently being piloted in 4 Dioceses and will be updated in the light of it and released more widely soon.

Repair Cafe helps reduce waste through mending items that might otherwise be discarded. Please note there are conditions to using the name and logo. There may be one nearby you can access- in New Mills, Eyam, Chesterfield.

Refil app. If your church has a publicly available tap which people could use to refil drinking bottles (and reduce waste) you can add it to this scheme.




Study and preaching resources

Sustainable preaching: liturgically linked preaching resources. 

Mission and Creation Care for disciples, John Ray Institute

Tenants of the King, a 4 part study looking at what the Bible has to say about climate change, from Operation Noah. Worth looking at purely for answers to common questions pages 22-25. Copies were offered at clergy Conference 2018.

Faith in a Changing Climate USPG downloadable study resource with case studies from across the Anglican Communion. Printed copies are available on request. It includes a very helpful page on Climate Change FAQs (p6&7). Copies were circulated by Rev Richard Reade at Clergy Conference 2018.

Church Mission Society study resource 'The Possible world'.

Bible study based on Cherishing the Earth (2008) Margot and Martin Hodson- six week course.

Let there be stuff...? Course of 6 sessions for teenagers.

7 weeks detox from consumerism. Based on Consumer Detox by Mark Powley, St Georges, Leeds.

Christian Aids Theology of Climate Change.

Joy in Enough from Green Christian offer a confession for your focus and a challenge to rethink our economy,  acknowledge our complicity in consumerism and climate change.



News archive please note related events are postponed

List of councils who have declared a Climate Emergency.

Green Christian: write up by John Payne retreat at Launde Abbey (Nov 2019). Green Christian Events and resources.

Winter Environmental bulletin from Catherine Ross- receive it in your inbox sign up.

Christian Climate Action article Don't let the thing that stops us be us

Climate change and carbon reduction manifesto unveiled by Derbyshire County Council but the motion to declare a climate emergency was not passed. In Derbyshire, Wirksworth Town Council and New Mills Town Council have already declared climate emergencies.

Psalm 23 garden. at RHS Chelsea 2020

Jan 2020 Natural history Museum declare Climate emergency.

World Meterological Association press release Sept 2019

TEARfund rubbish campaign.

Derby City Council passed the Climate Emergency motion unamended and with no abstentions.

Transition Chesterfield latest newsletter.

Arocha 'When Silence is not an option' blog.

Food in the Anthropocene, how changes in diet could feed the planets population.

Living the change

Frack Free Barlborough talk with Dr Ian Fairlie, international toxicologist talking about radon risk in Fracking. For Powerpoint slides email.

Sustainable Heating and Lighting conference [Powering Gods Northern Powerhouse Dec 2018] resources to download. 




Green Hearts launched in association with Climate Coalition and Cafod  

Season of Creation resources from the Church of England 1 September 2019 - 4 October 2019. This years resources to follow. 

Creation Communion  and school resources from Operation Noah including baked alaska clips

Creation Communion, from Sylvia Walker


Service resources can be found at shrinking the footprint,  and Germinate.





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