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Audits and Reviews

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  • Past Cases Review 2 (PCR2)
  • Independent Safeguarding Review 2017

Past Cases Review 2

The Diocese of Derby has taken part in the most extensive review of safeguarding records ever conducted by the Church of England.

The purpose of PCR2 was to identify both good practice and institutional failings in relation to how allegations of abuse have been handled, assess any identified risks and respond to these where appropriate, and to provide recommendations to the Church that will lead to improvements in its safeguarding work.

The Rt Revd Libby Lane, Bishop of Derby, writes:

I, along with diocesan colleagues and Derby Cathedral, welcomed the opportunity offered by PCR2 to reflect on our practice.

We also welcome the advice and challenges arising from the report.

We are grateful for the level of detail in the 40 recommendations made by the Independent Reviewers for consideration by the diocese, cathedral or Church of England.

Many of these recommendations reiterate a process change that had been recognised by senior officers, and are underway or have already been completed.

We are committed to attending to the recommendations made and have been glad of the opportunity this process has provided to learn and improve.


Executive Summary of the Diocese of Derby Report

The PCR2 was jointly commissioned by the Diocese of Derby and Derby Cathedral.

It was completed between 26th April and 29th October 2021 by two independent safeguarding professionals.

The review process was overseen by a PCR Reference Group with an appointed independent chair.

The process achieved the PCR2 specific objectives and complied with the

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Independent Safeguarding Review 2017

The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) undertook an audit of the Diocesan Safeguarding arrangements in June 2017.

The report concluded that the safeguarding team is well-resourced and well-established with experienced staff with a good skill mix, who provide sound safeguarding advice and judgments.

They were particularly impressed with the level of decision making regarding case work, and complimented the Diocese on its own self-evaluation, which highlighted realistic areas of development.

The auditors felt the Diocese was committed to learning, and were impressed that a review commissioned by the Bishop had led to the expansion of the safeguarding team, which included a new Chair of the Diocesan Safeguarding Management Committee, who in addition to a number of other roles was the Head of Public Protection for Derby Constabulary.

The world of safeguarding nationally has been experiencing a period of important and sometimes rapid change and the Diocese of Derby along with the Church of England is determined to offer a secure environment in which everyone can thrive, and which earns the confidence of all who are entrusted to its care.

The report states that the Head of HR is supportive, considered and committed and understands the importance of safeguarding. The auditors found that safeguarding operates within a clear line management structure, and a well-functioning Diocesan Office.

The auditors noted that there are strong links between the Diocese and Derby Cathedral.  The DSA and safeguarding team provides training for the Cathedral, and a member of Chapter responsible

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