Common Fund is a practical way to share our financial resources across the diocese:

  • Proportionality with parishes paying into a pool of resources
  • Shared funding so that those who are able can support others who may struggle
  • Ensures that stipendiary clergy can be in places where they are most needed
  • Generosity of an affluent parish allows us to put stipendiary clergy in a less affluent parish that would otherwise be unable to afford ministry costs.


The Challenge

Meeting the Common Fund is a challenge for us all. With national funding declining and costs increasing, the cost to maintain the levels of clergy and support to deliver our collective mission falls upon our local income.

Working together, we can sustain the ministry that God has called us to provide.

What we receive from our parishes goes directly to support mission and ministry.

Each PCC is asked to make an annual pledge of the requested amount they will contribute to the Common Fund.

This allows the diocese to budget effectively.

Please be realistic, challenging and generous as you consider prayerfully your contribution so that mission and ministry is supported in every parish.


Where the money goes

For each parish or benefice, the cost of mission and ministry is approximately £70,500.

This is made up of: Stipend (39%), National Insurance and Pension (18%), Ministerial housing (11%), Training and other ministry support (7%), Wider church responsibilities (25%),

  • contributions to national church
  • parish support, admin and governance
  • partners - incl. Board of Education
  • other statutory requirements


2019 contributions

In 2019, we requested £5,391,749 from our parishes and received £4,718,739 (88%). Our overall costs of parish ministry were over £6,000,000.

In 2019, most churches managed to reach their full contribution towards Common Fund and this positively impacted our diocesan finances.

Thank you for all that you do to ensure that God’s Mission and Ministry is well resourced.


Our onward journey together

As the income from Common Fund pledges currently does not cover the full cost of ministry, we need to increase our level of giving to maintain ministry and grow the mission of the church.

As we journey together, we give grateful thanks for all God’s generosity and pray that we too can embrace this spirit of generosity to ensure that "Christ’s presence reaches every community".


Common Fund experiences shared 

"As a priest, I see quite clearly the hopes and dreams of the local community as I come alongside them at key moments such as christenings and funerals.

"As I arrived in the parish, I noted the importance of our mining heritage and we established the mosaic project to tap into what the community needed - something that would unite them around a common passion.

"The project raised the profile of our church in the village and brought lots of people into church who haven’t been before for our special mining festival - people are now visiting the church just to see the mosiac!

"We were able to involve not just congregation members but people of all ages from the community in creating a lasting memorial to the mining involved people of all ages from the community in creating a lasting memorial to our villages’ mining heritage."

- Revd Bryony Taylor St James Barlborough & St John the Baptist Clowne 


"The DDBE’s work in schools means there are about 14,500 children experience collective worship in schools every day which ‘offers the opportunity, without compulsion, to all pupils & adults to grow spiritually through experiences of prayer, stillness, worship and reflection’.

"These children represent 8,000 families and are taught by 1,000 teachers and 1,000 support staff.

"Through the partnership of schools and parishes, we have a wonderful link with the communities we serve."

- Alison Brown, Deputy Director of Education 

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