Mission Action Toolkit

The Mission Action Toolkit is a set of resources that can help any church, of whatever tradition, size, context or type, to join in with responding to the missional aims of the Diocesan Vision. If you would like to know more about the Diocesan Vision and its missional aims, you can do so here.

The Toolkit is based on Mission Action Planning for Derby Diocese, which we have been using since 2010 to help churches grow as healthy, worshipping communities that engage in God's mission in the world. However, it is a more focused, streamlined toolkit that is flexible and light-tough enough for any church to use. Churches can use the Toolkit in many different ways and adapt it to suit their own context and style.

The Toolkit isn't another thing to do or an extra initiative. It is a process to help with that which has always been central to the identity, calling and purpose of every single expression of church - to engage in God's mission in the world. It can help churches to acknowledge and celebrate what God is already doing in and through them in mission, and to hear God's call to grow and develop in their mission further.

The Toolkit consists of six core resources, which are all downloadable below. More resources will be added in the future, and all the resources of the existing full MAP process, found in these pages, are also available to use with the Mission Action Toolkit.

  • Quick Start Guide - an accessible introduction to the Mission Action Toolkit, suitable for anyone in the church.
  • Introduction for Church Leaders - a more detailed guide intended for use by any church leader, lay or ordained.
  • Missional Aims Summary - a single-sheet overview of the different aspects of each missional aim.
  • Resource Sheets - a rich set of theological reflections, discussion questions, prayers and ideas for actions for every aspect of our missional aims.
  • Questionnaire - one way in which to gather information from the church as a part of the Mission Action Toolkit process.
  • Action Sheet - a way of recording and tracking the actions a church decides to undertake.

The Mission Action Toolkit is designed to be adapted and used independently by any church. However, help and support is available to help churches as they use the Toolkit. To find help, please contact:

Jason Kennedy Diocesan Missioner
e jason.kennedy@derby.anglican.org
t 07539 483733
Derby Church House, Full Street, Derby DE1 3DR

Missional aims videos

Please watch and enjoy these five-minute videos, each offering a light Biblical reflection by Diocesan Missioner Revd Jason Kennedy on one aspect of our missional aims, ‘Transformed Lives’, 'Growing Church' and 'Building Community'.

They form a part of the Mission Action Toolkit, which helps churches to engage with God’s mission in an approachable, practical and flexible way.

The videos can be used for individual reflection, as a light sermon or an introduction to a conversation in small groups or, for example, a Lent group.

Why MAP for the Diocese of Derby?

Mission Action Planning (known as MAP) is a process developed by Mark Ireland and Mike Chew, published in 2009 and revised in 2016.

It is designed to help churches to engage with their communities in relevant ways and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with them in word and action.

We have used MAP in the Diocese of Derby consistently since 2010. We have regularly updated and revised our implementation of MAP, listening to the many churches who have benefitted from it.

This latest version, MAP for the Diocese of Derby, makes some significant changes that we hope will transform your experience of using it.

If you have previously decided against using MAP, we hope that you will consider this latest revision. If you have used MAP before, we hope this latest revision will be even more fruitful for your church.

So how is MAP for Derby Diocese different?

  • Christ centred, theologically based
    Theology and language that is faithful to God's call to His Church, rather than being over-reliant on secular models and language.
  • Less about doing, more about being
    Focuses not on yet more things to do, but on becoming the healthy, flourishing Church God is already calling us to be.
  • Covering the whole common life of the church
    Encompassing the whole life of God's Church so that every part of His Church is involved, ensuring a balanced, whole-life approach.
  • Usable in any context
    Usable in any context, tradition or church size, and at any level (church, parish, benefice, deanery or other grouping).
  • Three simple principles, three core elements
    Ecclesiastes reminds us that, 'a threefold cord is not quickly broken' (Ecc 4.12b); adhering to these principles and elements should ensure that, in using MAP for Derby Diocese, the work God does in and through the church will be lasting and fruitful, whilst also leaving the church free to adapt the process, changing the language and materials as needed.

MAP for Derby Diocese Resources

If you'd like to dive straight in with the main MAP for Derby Diocese printable resources for use in your church, you can download them all using these links:

If you'd like to find out a little more, then click on the section blocks above. Additional resources that may be helpful as you use MAP for Derby Diocese can be found at the bottom of each of these sections, under 'Further Help and Resources' (where available).

If you are still running with the MAP versions previously used in Derby Diocese and need extra copies of the materials, please get in touch using the details below and we'd be glad to help.

Help and Information

For more help and information about MAP for Derby Diocese, please contact:

Jason Kennedy Diocesan Missioner
e jason.kennedy@derby.anglican.org
t 07539 483733
Derby Church House, Full Street, Derby DE1 3DR

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stella collishaw

Stella Collishaw
Diocesan Environment Officer
Diocese of Derby
Telephone - 07707215656/ 01332 388685 Tues/Wed/Thurs
Facebook - StellaCollishaw

Stella is the Community Action Officer in the Discipleship, Mission and Ministry Team in the Diocese of Derby.

If you want to receive her Eco Church newsletter send her your name, parish and email address.
Contact Stella with any environmental queries and/or if you register as an Eco church or obtain an award.
If your PCC are talking about making Environmental changes, there are a number of people who are willing to support you and who will preach on environmental issues, both licensed readers and clergy. 
Stella can also talk at chapter meetings, Deanery Synod or PCC to talk about Eco church or can offer training to you locally. Requests to speak due to current sabbatical for dates no sooner than Oct 2022.
Send in notice of your local events, good news stories, photos and events to share.


anne knyhynyckyj

Anne Knyhynyckyj
The Derbyshire Churches Environment Network

Anne is a Reader at All Saints, Wingerworth and is chair of an ecumenical group of volunteers that meet called The Derbyshire Churches Environment Network.  


Practical activities from the group:

  • supporting training for example Eco Church in the Learning in Faith (Community section) programme
  • supporting Derby University public lecture programme from the Environment and Sustainability research department Sept 2019 - Jan 2020, Autumn 2021
  • signposting to the latest virtual training resources 2020-2021 from key partners
  • Supporting the development of the Land and Biodiversity conference Oct 2021
  • offering an information at clergy conference Nov 2019 with the support of members from All Saints Wingerworth
  • a mailing to all PCCs and incumbents July 2019 about Climate Emergency 
  • pilot development of a series of talks and discussions beginning October 2019
  • leading the presentation at June 2019 Synod where there was an update report about progress on Eco Diocese and, as requested, offering reasons to make a policy against fracking
  • a paper for the Parsonages Committee on Solar PV
  • architect training partnered with DAC
  • advice to individual parishes and Eco church leads


Details of your events, or news of progress in your patch for us to celebrate and photos illustrating it should go to Communications Team. See 'Whats Happening' section for upcoming events.


John Beardmore

John offers technical support and advice on sustainability issues, including facilitating decision-making processes, and the design and diagnosis of heating and renewable energy systems. 
He is a member of the DAC and on the board of Operation Noah.


Richard Henderson Smith 

Richard is the World Mission and Development Officer with the role to remind people about the urgent and ongoing needs of those most at risk and deprived beyond our horizon. 
He points out that the impact on the planet and it resources impact the poorest in the world. He presented facts on health and fracking June 2019 Diocesan Synod.


Graham Truscott

Since 2009, Graham Truscott has been a cleantech entrepreneur with an environmental passion. He is a founding director of the pioneering Whistlewood Common Limited, demonstrating permaculture design and 21st century socio-enviro-economic paradigms. Other current enterprises include Aceleron Limited and Hevasure Limited (a circular economy lithium-ion battery enterprise and an energy-saving heating/cooling systems monitoring business respectively). Amongst other activities he is a Commercial Advisor to The National Forest, an engaged participant in the University of Derby Low Carbon Business Network.


carol coslett 16x9 2000

The Ven. Carol Costlett

The Ven. Carol Coslett is the Archdeacon of Derbyshire Peak and Dales.
Archdeacon Carol is the link member of senior staff on these issues.


Steve Retout
Roman Catholic Diocese of Nottingham.

Anne and Howard Clarke
Members of St Peters Belper, a silver awarded Eco Church.

John Payne
Churchwarden at Eyam and member of Green Christian.

Godfrey Meynell
Church Warden at St Michael, Kirk Langley.

Jeremy Gowers Cromie
Regional link from Christian Aid.

Stephen Pratt
Methodist Minister in West Hallam.

Bryan Jones
Reader and Church Warden - All Saints, Mackworth.

Rita Brierley
St Matthew, Darley Abbey.

There are vacancies for reps from other CTBI Christian Denominations including Baptist and United Reform Church.

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Our slogan 'World Mission Matters!' implies the importance of our collective and personal ministries to the world-wide Christian family as the visible Body of Christ at work amongst the most vulnerable and neediest of groups. That ministry demands prayer, which in turn requires information (available BELOW by clicking on the symbols of the various agencies) and leads to individual and collective action as we are able.


With regard to Mission Action Planning consider explicit mention of support for a mission agency or development organisation (preferably both!) because they are attempting to counter on our behalf and in the name of Christ, the greatest needs  (see below). 


Mission and Development agencies can be readily accessed by clicking on each logo below.



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As parishes develop the second round of Mission Action Plans, Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s remark (from Letters and Papers from Prison) rings true: “Our being Christian today will be limited to two things, prayer and doing justice among men”. That statement is surely as pertinent for us today, with all our uncertainties, as it was in Nazi Germany of 1944. So as we look at our immediate communities and their needs we will be drawn to examine the relationships we and they have with the wider world.

As part of the MAP process some Parishes have looked at the places of work of their population and possible international links which employers have. The countries from which raw materials are imported and perhaps even the manufacturing processes of these businesses might be considered together with their target markets. It may be appropriate to look at their environmental impacts (mindful of climate change and pollution) and also whether there may be effects upon marginalised or deprived communities in less developed societies with which businesses are involved. 

In this way prayers for our own people and the communities we care about can be linked to those situations about which we know less and those communities which suffer injustice and poverty beyond our immediate horizon. Our prayers should then be better informed and purposeful as we discover what God is already doing and engage with it so that Christ’s Kingdom of Peace and Justice may be extended.

To do that it is worth remembering the “Five Marks of Mission” which Christians of many countries and cultures have affirmed as a way of finding a common focus as they share in God’s mission in the world are:

  • To Proclaim, the good news of the kingdom 
  • To Teach, baptise and nurture new believers 
  • To Respond, to human need by loving service 
  • To Seek, to transform the unjust structures of society 
  • To Strive, to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth.
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cmslogo or   www.cms.org.uk



uspg-logo or    www.uspg.org.uk



christianaid-logo or   www.christianaid.org.uk



tearfund or   www.tearfund.org



 or    www.leprosymission.org.uk



barnabas-logo or   www.barnabasfund.org



 or    www.oikocredit.org



shared-interset-logo or www.shared-interest.com



Further links:


The Anglican Communion -  for which the development agency is the Anglican Alliance:  http://www.anglicancommunion.org/mission/anglican-alliance.aspx 


 The Church of North India - www.northindia-derbyshirechurches-partnership.org.uk



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Living Lightly is the Diocesan policy. We are encouraging parishes and churches to become Eco Churches and registered as an Eco Diocese in 2018.

How you can act in response.

Why you should act.


Our recommendations and links....


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Early this year the Mission and Ministry team organised three training events focusing on the Occassional offices - Christenings, Weddings and Funerals. To download the slides from the events click links below

For more information please contact lee.townend@derby.anglican.org 

Wedding slides

Saying yes to couples 

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Young People

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What is MAP?

MAP stands for Mission Action Planning. The main purpose of MAP is to listen and discern the will of God for your church and its community. It is about looking at what is happening in your parish and as a church community considering the direction that you think your church should be heading. Once you have established a vision for your church you then set yourselves priorities for your church for each of the following 3 years and then plan the specific steps you need to take to deliver these goals. At the end of each year we will ask you to review your action so that you can adjust your plan accordingly.


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