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Leadership by Synod

What is the Diocesan Synod?

It is the Church's main decision making body within the Diocese.

Who are the members?

Clergy and lay people are elected to serve on the Synod from all parts of the Diocese. Both Bishops are members of the Synod and the Bishop of Derby is its President.

How does the Synod participate in leadership?

It is the main forum for debating issues of policy, finance and doctrine.

It receives proposals from the General Synod (The Church's national 'parliament') and offers a more local view.

It receives proposals originated within the Diocese, from parishes and deaneries, and can promote them on the wider (national) stage.

It gives a further opportunity for development of strategies initiated by the Bishop's Council.

It is the place where the Bishop's leadership themes (see 'The role of a Bishop') can be explained, tested, supported or challenged.

In some ways it is comparable with the House of Commons, as elected representatives engage in public debate. However, those who have experienced Synod debate will know that it is a more sympathetic process, even where issues are debated from strongly held positions.

Who is the main contact for Diocesan Synod?

Derby Church House
Full Street
Derby DE1 3DR
Tel: (01332) 388650
Fax (01332) 292969


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