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Project Fund Guidance

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Project Fund Guidance

The Project fund comes from the Diocesan Budget and is supplemented by gifts from parochial organisations. Recipient organisations are shown in the Council’s minutes and in the Annual Report.

Applications are welcomed from churches and church partnerships in Derbyshire.

Priorities will be given to

  • Start up grants to voluntary organisations working in social justice/social care/community development or regeneration.
  • Groups with special needs or communities experiencing significant deprivation.
  • Work in keeping with the priorities set by the Council for Social Responsibility.

Groups need to operate within the Derby Diocese geographically (approximately Derbyshire).

Maximum grant is £1000.

Where grants are made, receipts and the next annual report will be requested and the group may expect to receive a follow up visit from a member of the Council for Social Responsibility.

Decisions are made quarterly as applications come in.

If no constitution is provided please state how the initiative is managed and who the responsible body is.

We are grateful for the donations made by various Christian Groups across the Diocese which have supplemented this fund in recent years. Donations can be made to the FiA office, cheques payable to “Derby Diocesan Board of Finance”.


Please download the application form here: {docs}project-fund{/docs}

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