Wednesday, 08 July 2020 15:44

Time Out: suggestions and resources

Time Out: suggestions and resources


We hope these ideas and resources will be helpful for reflection and self-care.

Some thoughts to help you use the time well

  • Turn off your phone, unplug the doorbell – minimise technological interruption!
  • Try to explain to anyone else in your house that you’re not available during this time
  • If you’re doing this in your study, try not to sit at your desk
  • Maybe light a candle to acknowledge ‘different’ time
  • Try to gather anything you might need (ie ingredients, bits and pieces) in advance to avoid using the space in session
  • This is YOUR time, to give you space and time with God.


Here be Dragons [PDF]

Come Home to your Hub [Word]

Wheel of Awareness diagram [Word]

Self-regulation diagram [Word]

Images of the diocese for prayer [PDF]

Journey of the last three months - ideas to express your experience [Word]

Let your God love you [Word]

Poems [Word]

Seasoned by Seasons extracts [PDF]

Chartres labyrinth [PDF]

Inhabit your body meditation: Download MP3 audio file or Listen online

Bread-making video [YouTube]

Bread - ideas and recipes [PDF]

Prayer walk during Covid [Word]

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