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Good to Go!

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'Good to Go' courses are ready for you to start right now!

Mission Action Planning: MAP for the Diocese of Derby

Based on the widely respected and used Mission Action Planning, and adapted for use in the Diocese of Derby, this suite of tools and resources works together to provide a vehicle to help churches reflect on God’s calling to them, in respect to both their purpose and their character.

MAP for the Diocese of Derby offers an opportunity to prayerfully reflect on where they are, consider the areas in which God may be challenging them to grow and change and then to journey with God as they move towards him.

MAP for the Diocese of Derby is free to download and use here


Celebrating Vocations Sunday 

Everyone has a vocation- God calls each of us to serve in our own unique way by using the gifts we have been given. Vocations Sunday is a fantastic way to get everyone in your congregation thinking about God’s call in their lives. How could you encourage your church members to spend time thinking about where God is calling them?

The national church has put together a pack of resources for Vocations Sunday and is encouraging all church leaders to engage in the Great Vocations Conversation - taking up the challenge to regularly talk to people unlike themselves about God’s call in their lives.  Those conversations can make all the difference and can be just the encouragement needed for someone to start discerning their vocation. 

For more information about the Great Vocations Conversation, go to https://www.churchofengland.org/greatvocationsconversation

For the full range of Church of England vocations resources, go to https://www.churchofengland.org/life-events/vocations

Leading Your Church into Growth (lycig)- Local

Leading your Church into Growth: Local is the ideal ‘next step’ for church leaders who want to get church growth principles and practice into the bloodstream of their own church communities.

This local course for use by churches is designed for use in small groups. The DVD-based interactive sessions will stimulate, teach, equip and motivate church members of all ages to play their part in leading their church into growth.

There are nine main sessions, three for leaders, six for church members. The whole course comes to a joyful completion with a celebration event.

For more information and to purchase your own copy of the course, which includes DVD, leader guide and resources that can be printed or copied, go to: www.leadingyourchurchintogrowth.org.uk/courses/the-local-course


Everybody Welcome

This six-session course is an ideal next step after the ‘Everybody Welcome: Welcoming and Integrating Newcomers into the Church’.

There are five sessions for the whole church, helping to review attitudes to newcomers, learn new approaches and identify areas of improvement and change.

The sixth session is provided to train and equip the welcome team of the church.The material covers such topics as ‘making the church more visible’, ‘making premises more inviting’ and ‘a welcoming God and his people’.

The course materials, including DVD with freely printable resources, a leaders’ book and a members’ booklet, may be purchased direct from Church House Publishing online, where you will also find additional resources and downloads.
For more information, to view the resources and to purchase, go to: www.chpublishing.co.uk/features/everybody-welcome


Sharing the Good News

This single-document resource is a valuable guide for clergy and PCCs to reflect together on how they can be effective in proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ in ways that are relevant, appropriate, sensitive and effective in our modern culture.

The resource is based on its companion workshop, ‘Sharing the Good News’, and looks at such topics as ‘helping the church into evangelism’, ‘making contact with those outside the church’, ‘how people come to faith’ and ‘measuring success in evangelism’.

Sharing the Good News is available for free download as a part of the MAP for the Diocese of Derby resource toolkit.

Download the PDF here.


Faith Pictures

Developed by the Church Army and free to download on registration, this six-part course helps Christians talk naturally to friends, neighbours and colleagues about what they believe.

The heart of the course is about helping people to identify a single picture or image that embodies something of their faith.

The course aims to be accessible and light-hearted, without jargon or inflexible methods. It has a number of emphases not always found in faith-sharing courses, including the avoidance of one-size-fits-all models and the importance of honesty and listening.

Each session contains a short video and encourages discussion in pairs and as a whole group.

For more information and to register, visit churcharmy.org


Mission Shaped Introduction

Mission Shaped Introduction (MSI) is an ideal next step for church clergy and PCCs after the ‘Fresh Expressions 1: Getting Started with Fresh Expressions’ workshop.

MSI helps people to reconnect with the communities they are called to serve and to re-imagine the forms of church that are needed for the 21st century. It takes you on a creative and reflective journey looking at the need for new ways of being church.

Two versions of the course are available, either free to download (which requires some work in obtaining video clips) and as a complete DVD and course booklet.

For more information and to download / purchase, go to freshexpressions.org.uk 


Electoral Roll Information

A guide to the annual revision of the electoral roll and the preparation of a new roll every six years.

The guide includes links to detailed guidance and forms as well as templates of timetables to ensure that all of the essential steps are completed as and when they should be.

Download the guide here.


Germinate Equipping for Rural Mission

Germinate: Arthur Rank Centre. Tel: 024 7685 3060 or germinate.net.

Germinate offers extensive resources (worship, discipleship, buildings, mission), training, annual conference and leadership mentoring to rural church leaders.

They offer an e-news bulletin and Country Way magazine (circulated via Area Deans).

Country Way back copies are available on Parish Resource Centre stand or online.


Faith in Action

Faith in Action: a Derbyshire Churches Guide to Community Mission (2008), Bates, Collishaw and Jordan.

This guide was written and published in-house as a toolkit. It includes author and guest written resources on funding, environment + buildings and theology of community mission.

Case studies are a snapshot in time and web references need an upgrade but it remains of value for community initiatives from parishes and deaneries.

Currently available in hard copy or CD Rom. All parishes were given a copy.

Apply to Stella Collishaw (stella.collishaw@derby.anglican.org) or Mission and Ministry Team colleagues.


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