Here are some FAQs regarding APCMs which we hope you will find useful.

Information correct on 1 Feb 2024.

Holding of APCMs:

As per the Church Representation Rules Part 9, the annual parochial church meeting must be held in every parish in the period which begins with 1 January and ends with 31 May. The Diocesan Secretary requires each parish to submit their APCM results to Church House, Derby no later than 31 May.

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This section is in development currently to ensure 2024 documents are available.

Here's where you can download the forms and notices you need for your APCMs.

>> Revision of Electoral Roll - PDF or Word

>> Application for enrolment on Electoral Roll - PDF or Word

>> Electoral Roll privacy notice - PDF or Word

>> Parish Guidance: The Electoral Roll and GDPR - PDF or Word 

>> Notice of APCM [Word doc]

>> Nomination for deanery synod [Word doc]

>> Nomination for PCC [Word doc]

>> APCM results [Word doc]

>> Electoral Roll certificate [Word doc]

>> Notice of meeting for the election of churchwardens [Word doc]

>> Nomination for churchwarden [Word doc]

>> Forms that need to be completed following the election of a churchwarden can be found here.

>> How many Deanery Synod representaives can our parish have?  [PDF]


You can see more about the Representation Rules (March 2022 edition) here.

Diocese of Derby Data Form can be found here.

Church Warden visitation information can be found here.

Annual Meetings, Accounts and Church Electoral Rolls Guidance on New Church Representation Rules (which came into effect 01/01/2020) and subsequent amendments.

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