On 4 May 2021, the long-trailed changes to the way marriages are registered come into force.

Clergy have already been sent links to the government's training pages. 

Clergy may share the link to the online training with parish administrators – and it should be shared with churchwardens where the parish or benefice is in vacancy.


Register of Marriage Services, 

Churches will need a new Register of Marriage Services which is now available to pre-order via this link:

Register of Marriage Services - Hardback (chpublishing.co.uk)

Obtaining the Marriage Document 

GRO will be sending out very clear information about the marriage document and where clergy can get it from.   The free on-line admin tool provided by the Church of England www.lifeeventsdiary.org  will be updated to enable printing of the marriage document after 4th May.


Charge for Marriage Certificate

From May 4th  Marriage Certificates will be issued by the Register Office and not the church, so couples should no longer be charged for a certificate.  The Fees table , fees form and fees information for couples will be updated to reflect this change. 


There is an FAQ regarding the changes available on the LRSA's website.


How will this impact the work and responsibilities as a member of the Clergy?

What won’t change:

  • You will still be required to ensure couples meet the requirements to marry in your building.
  • You will still be required to ensure couples complete the relevant preliminaries, i.e.: the calling of banns, issue of common or special licence or, where required, the prior attendance of the couple at the relevant register office to give their notices of marriage in the correct timescale.
  • You will still be required to conduct pre-marriage checks and confirm that the details contained on the marriage document or marriage schedule are correct before the marriage proceeds.
  • The marriage will still be performed by Church of England or Church in Wales rites.
  • You will still use registration ink to complete the marriage schedule.


What will change:

  • You will be required to create a marriage document or obtain the marriage schedule prior to the date of marriage.
  • You will no longer complete the formal register for the marriages you solemnize (There will still be a register kept by you for the records of your church).
  • You will no longer issue the legal marriage certificates.
  • The completed marriage document or marriage schedule must be returned to the register office for the registration to take place in the electronic marriage register before a certificate can be issued.
  • You will no longer need to complete quarterly returns for marriages which take place in your building.
  • You will no longer be responsible for corrections in marriage registers. After the changes are introduced, all corrections to marriage entries will be carried out by the registration officers or GRO.
  • The electronic register will also allow for the names of parents of the couple (mother / father / parent) to be included in the marriage entry instead of only their fathers’ names as is currently the case.
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Welcome to IME2

"Flourish within God's call so that you may help others to do the same"

Meet the Team


Dwayne Cowboy Hat

Ordained Ministries Development Officer (IME2 Coordinator): Rev'd Dwayne Engh, e-mail

Dwayne has worked in the Diocese of Derby since 2021.

Before becoming the Ordained Ministries Development Officer, Dwayne served in the parish of St Mary Magdalen, Chapelfields in Coventry.  Before being ordained, he was an educator and musician.


marietta forman 9355 1500 72

IME2 Administrator: Marietta Forman, e-mail

Marietta has worked for the diocese over many years.

Before becoming PA to the Director of DM&M and Ordained Ministries Development Officer, Marietta supported the former Bishop of Repton, Humphrey Southern, as his personal assistant.

Dates for Ordination 2022

Deacons: Sunday 3 July 2022

Priests: Saturday 2 July 2022

Downloadable resources

Resources for CURATES:

Community Lay Report Forms:
General Template forms:



  • Supervision Framework: Greenwich Foot Tunnel Model
  • Recommended reading - Pastoral Supervision, A Handbook (2nd Edition) - Jane Leach & Michael Paterson SCM Press, 2015


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Welcome to Clergy Wellbeing

“I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate.” 

The pitfalls of ministry are many and various and when the going gets tough there is almost always a personal cost both to ourselves and those amongst whom our lives are set.  The Apostle’s frustration is rooted in an honest self-understanding, a recognition that alone we will adopt unhealthy or misconceived ways of living that take us away from the person God yearns for us to be.

Wellbeing is not an add on.  Wellbeing is not an optional extra for those who have the time.  Wellbeing is not a matter for people less busy than us.  Wellbeing is a Gospel value, for it is about choosing to be the person God intends, indeed yearns for us to be… to have life and life in all its fullness.  Taking wellbeing seriously is a non negotiable part of our ministerial lives if we are to flourish as God’s people and for those who have made ordination vows, live them out with integrity.

You will find here resources to help you do that.  They are intentionally diverse, as not everything will speak to everyone and they are not the solution to anyone’s problems in themselves, but a starting point offered to help each of us in our different contexts take responsibility for our own wellbeing.

There will be, as we progress, information, signposting to guidance, shared experiences so that hopefully we may all get a sense that we are not alone when dealing with these issues, problem solving kits and perhaps most importantly contact details so you may pick up the phone or press the send button on an email and get the help you need and get it quickly.

You will notice there is also a section for you to make contact and tell us what you think is lacking here.  This is really important.  We are unashamed in these pages being constantly under review, so that we may all receive assistance and appropriate advice in a quickly changing ministerial environment.


Who ‘we’ are:

The Interim Clergy Wellbeing Group:

Revd Canon Karen Hamblin (Convenor)
01246 913688
07432 705285

Fr. Julian Hollywell
01332 673573

Revd Alicia Dring
01332 767802

Sheila Pigott
Diocesan Counselling Co-ordinator
01433 639641
0775 4113 462 (mobile signal poor)

Kat Alldread
07710 094946

Easing out of the pandemic

A number of resources that might help you and your congregations

CPAS ‘Emerging from Pandemic’ resources 

Lament: a few suggestions encouraging us personally and collectively to take the need for lament seriously as a healthy response to all that we are still going through.

St. Luke’s Virtual Wellbeing Papers
The St. Luke’s papers were issued on a regular basis through the first lockdown in 2020. In one sense they therefore relate closely to that time, but they are still relevant, containing much wisdom, advice and insight. Although written for September 2020 the paper entitled ‘Easing out of Lockdown’ is still current in its advice.
They are helpful at a personal level, but could also be used in a range of other settings.

Covid 19 crisis fatigue and you [PDF]

Making a start on long-term recovery from a crisis [PDF]

Prayer, wellbeing and our rootedness in God [PDF]

Response to stress during Covid-19 [PDF]

Self-care at a time of loss [PDF]

Thoughts from a trauma-informed perspective [PDF]

Meditation on lament [PDF]

Here be dragons [PDF]

Understanding the body [PDF]

Use of the scriptures [PDF]

Creating a safe space (PDF)

Easing out of lockdown (PDF)

Liminality in a time of Covid (PDF)

Ministering to Uncertainity (PDF)

Reflections on Transitions (PDF)

Relatedness and wellbeing (PDF)


Pastoral Care of the Clergy and their Families

If you are referencing this because you think you might need help of some kind, please pick up the phone and talk to one of the team (or email or text).

If you think counselling might help, you can self-refer by phoning Sheila Pigott.
Please read on and think about what might work for you.

There is a free counselling service available to all clergy and their immediate families in this diocese, which if you are struggling, could be of significant value to you personally. We offer individual and couples counselling and counselling for the children of the clergy.

>> Comments from those who have received counselling

The service provides a safe and confidential space to unpack any sort of emotional distress, whether it is from relationships inside or outside of the family, or issues related to your working ministry that just aren’t working at all well. Maybe you have experience some losses and bereavement, depression and anxiety, a sense of loss of vocation, or anything else that is getting you down and is draining your energy and good will.

Please contact me by phone or email so that I can start the process of placing you with one of our experienced, qualified and accredited counsellors near to you.  The Diocese of Derby pays in full for eight sessions of professional counselling which is completely confidential.

Over the years, many of the clergy and their family members in the diocese have used this service, so please don’t feel that you must soldier on alone, or that you are the only one who cannot manage sometimes.  Others have benefited enormously from the private and confidential support that counselling provides.   This service is here for you too so please get in touch.

My good wishes


Sheila Pigott
Coordinator: Derby Diocese Clergy Counselling Service 
MBACP Senior Accredited Psychotherapist and Supervisor
Email:   sheila.pigott@derby.anglican.org
Telephone: 01433 639641
Mobile: 0775 4113 462


Wellbeing snapshot: The Wellbeing Map
This is a useful tool that you could use on your own or with others, maybe every 6 months or so.
It might re-assure, it might indicate a need for further support or input and help you target specific things.


Further sources of support

The following CofE document offers information and contact details for a range of organisations offering support and advice across a range of wellbeing scenarios and situations.

>> Living Ministry: Sources of support for Clergy and Ordinands


Tools to help you thrive

Both Pastoral Supervision and Spiritual Direction are strongly recommended for all Clergy as part of the Clergy Wellbeing Covenant.

Pastoral Supervision
Pastoral supervision provides a safe and confidential space to be supervised or to ‘look over’ pastoral ministry with another person who is experienced and trained in this specialised service. Along with spiritual direction and counselling, this is another valuable resource in support of your ministry.

>> View more information on this service [PDF]

Spiritual Direction

>> Diocese of Derby Spirituality page

Living Ministry suggests 6 principles to help you THRIVE in ministry (written with specific reference to the pandemic, but based around excellent principles for ministry in any situation)


Covenant for Clergy Care and Wellbeing

The Covenant for Clergy Care and Wellbeing was made an Act of Synod at the February 2020 Group of Sessions of the General Synod. The Covenant is the expressed view of the mind of the Church of England on issues relating to clergy care and wellbeing.

“Our vision is that the work of supporting clergy in their ministry will become an integral part of the life of the Church and part of the DNA of every aspect of our mission and ministry.”
Revd Canon Simon Butler, Head of the Clergy Covenant Working Group

At this time, please follow this link to the national website to find out more.

If you would like to read the main document behind the Covenant (GS 2072 Clergy Wellbeing) you can access it here.

The Church of England has initiated a ‘Big Conversation’ around Clergy Wellbeing and is encouraging all of us to take part. There are three resource papers to help encourage reflection and action available here.

They are not long, but do ask some searching questions of us as clergy, of the local church and of our Bishops and the wider Church.


Information for Churchwardens on Clergy Wellbeing

>> Resources for churchwardens on wellbeing


Take some ‘Time out’

Please feel free to use any of these resources if you find yourself in need of a quiet space and something to help you reflect.

Sometimes the last thing we feel we can do is take ‘Time Out’. However, it is often one of the most helpful things to do. We suggest the following to make it more likely to happen:

  1. Decide when your ‘Time Out’ will be and how long it will last.
  2. Mark that time and space in your diary so that it stands along-side meetings and other commitments as equally important allocated time.
  3. Resist the temptation to move it, shorten it, delete it all together as other demands are made on you and your time.


Get in touch

As we’ve already said, please use any of the numbers and/or emails above to get in touch, especially if you need help and support.

Please also drop us an email if there is information missing from here that you, or others, would find helpful. There are a couple of areas ‘in the pipeline’ that should be on the page soon but you know better than us what would be of benefit to you.

The Interim Clergy Wellbeing Team.
October 2020

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To download a copy of the Clergy Housing Guide please click here

For enquiries regarding clergy housing please contact the Property Team

email: propertyteam@derby.anglican.org

Tel: 01332 388650


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Property Repairs and Maintenance during new lockdown restrictions

Please contact the property team  during normal working hours on 01332 388650 or email propertyteam@derby.anglican.org

Any out of hours emergency please refer to the Emergency Contractors list provide with your Clergy Housing Guide or visit the link on the website.

All our contractors have confirmed that they are still fully working and taking the necessary safety measures.



To ensure the best use of our resources we have compiled a list of suitably approved contractors for your reference. Please remember try to ensure that only emergencies will be dealt with out of hours. As you will appreciate an emergency out of hours repair costs the Diocese substantially more than a repair carried out during normal office hours. 

Please ensure all emergency repairs are to be reported to the Church House Property Team as soon as possible. You should contact us on 01332 388650 Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm. You will need to provide a brief description of the repair, the contractor who attended, and most importantly your contact details. This way the repair can be monitored, audited and managed. 

What is an emergency?

An emergency repair is any fault which threatens harm to persons or property. Examples include; 

1 Heating and hot water 

Where you or your home is at risk due to a major water leak from any part of the heating system, and where the heating system fails. 

Please note: Not having hot water is not considered an emergency if you have an electric immersion heater and/or an electric shower. An exception to this would be for household members who are frail, elderly or registered disabled.

2 Gas leaks 

If you smell gas, please telephone (British Gas) on 0800 111 999 who will attend to isolate the meter and make safe where necessary. 

3 Total lack of water supply 

Before contacting a plumber, please check with the water utility company to ensure that works are not being carried out in the area. 

4 Total lack of electricity supply 

Before contacting an electrician, please check with the electricity utility company to ensure that works are not being carried out in the area. 

Please check the electrical distribution box – has one or more fuses tripped? 

5 Plumbing leaks 

If the leak is causing damage, then it will be considered an emergency - especially if penetrating into an electrical fitting. In the interim you should turn off your water supply at your stopcock or gate valve, and your electricity supply. 

6 Blockages 

If you have access to more than one WC, and only one is blocked, then please arrange for a plumber to attend during normal working hours.

7 Roof leaks or other damage 

Where the damage to the roof is likely to worsen or when it is hazardous (eg roof tiles may fall onto a path, drive or highway), then please ring a roofing or general building contractor identified within this handbook. Please be aware that in the event of adverse weather conditions, the contractor will only make the roof safe. The Church House Property Team, will then liaise with the contractor to arrange a permanent repair for a later date when good weather permits. 

8 Downpipes and gutters 

Please only contact an emergency building contractor if water is entering the building causing major damage or the loose part is dangerous. 

9 Broken windows & Doors 

Where the damage is caused as a result of a crime. In this case, please notify the local police force who will supply you with a crime reference number, which we will need for our records and report the matter to the Church House Property Team. 

For other breakages, if they pose a security risk or are letting rainwater in, then please arrange for a contractor to attend.

10 Door locks 

Please arrange to contact the locksmith: 

1. If you cannot open or secure a door. 

2. In the unfortunate event that you have been the target of criminals who may have stolen your keys, then please report this matter to the police and obtain a crime reference number, and report the matter to the Church House Property Team. 

11 Dangerous trees 

Trees are particularly vulnerable to the effects of high winds during a storm and sustain various types of damage as a result. If a tree is unsafe and unstable and there is imminent danger to persons and property, where possible please take supportive photographic evidence and contact the emergency tree work specialist outlined within this booklet. 

We are committed to offering a first class repair service. If you have to arrange for a contractor to attend to an emergency, then please ensure the Church House Property Team are informed as soon as possible at the following address: 

The Property Team 

e-mail: propertyteam@derby.anglican.org 

Tel: 01332 388650

 Please click the links below to download information

All Derby Deaneries and Carsington Emergency Contacts

Hardwick and North East Deaneries Emergency Contacts

High Peak Deanery Emergency Contacts



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All clergy wishing to exercise a public ministry must be granted either Permission To Officiate (PTO) or a licence by the Diocesan Bishop.

The following guidance explains how to request PTO and outlines the formalities for the application and renewal process.  

Click here for the Policy Document

Click here for the Information Sheet

Click here for the Application Form

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 Page Includes Training Opportunities & Grants / Sabbaticals


Dwayne Cowboy Hat 

Continuing Ministerial Development (CMD) 

The Ordained Ministries Development Officer, the Revd Dwayne Engh, has responsibility for the CMD programme for clergy. A number of programmes are in development.  Check back here often for more information.  (And please feel free to share any ideas or requests you may have)!


Training Opportunities

Theological Book Group

We will meet on Zoom three times a year (looking at a different book each time).  Join our Learning Community looking at classic and contemporary theological texts!  Exact time and date will be determined to best suit everone involved. Download PDF of poster here.  

Theological Book Group 

Interested?  Email: dwayne.engh@derby.anglican.org.


Leadership Book Group

We will meet on Zoom three times a year (looking at a different book each time).  Join our Learning Community looking at leadership books from both Chrisitian and secular sources!  Exact time and date will be determined to best suit everone involved. Download PDF of poster here.  


Interested?  Email: dwayne.engh@derby.anglican.org

Leaderhip Book Group 

Empowering Leadership Forum

A seires of practical training and formational events throughout the year for all Clergy & Laity.  Download Poster & Dates here. Please contact marietta.forman@derby.anglican.org to register.

 empowering leadership forum


On Priesthood: Empowering Leadership

(a.k.a. ‘The Hamburger of Enabling’)                          

Tuesday 7 September 2021                    

7.00-9.30pm - Zoom 

Dwayne Engh


Models of Leadership

Thursday 25 November 2021

7.00-9.30pm - Zoom

James Lawrence


Leadership: Conflict and how it affects us

Tuesday 5 April 2022

7.30-9.00pm – Zoom

Sandra Cobbin


Leadership & Conflict Transformation

Tuesday 17 May 2022 

7.30-9.00pm – Zoom

Sandra Cobbin


Leadership & Power

Tuesday 7 June 2022

7.30-9.00pm - Zoom

Sandra Cobbin


Please contact marietta.forman@derby.anglican.org to register.


Refreshing Ministry

Training opportunities for refreshing ministry for all clergy & laity throughout the year. Dowload Poster & Dates here.  Please contact marietta.forman@derby.anglican.org to register.

 Refreshing Ministry


Prayer in Mission & Ministry

Wednesday 1 September 2021

7.00-9.30pm - Zoom

Bishop Jack Nicholls


Weddings – Theology & The Law

Monday 8 November 2021

7.00-9.30pm – Zoom

Karen Hamblin & Nadine Waldon (The Registrar)


Baptism & Christian Initiation

Wednesday 10 November 2021

7.00-9.30pm - Zoom

Alicia Dring & Peter Robinson


Funeral Ministry

Saturday 13 November 2021

10.00am-12.00noon @ St Werburgh’s, Spondon

Julian Hollywell & Christine McMullin


Inspiring Everyday Faith

Thursday 3 February 2022

7.00-9.30pm – Zoom

Nick Shepherd


Spirituality for the Elderly

Monday 9 May 2022

7.00-9.30pm – Zoom

Ellie Ballard


Digital Media Communications

Monday 16 May 2022

7.00-9.30pm – Zoom

Liz Morgan


Please contact marietta.forman@derby.anglican.org to register.


Grants & Sabbaticals


Applications for one-time-only COVID Wellbeing Clergy Retreat Grant

Because of concerns for clergy wellbeing post-COVID, £250 is being offered per person for the remainder of 2021 and the entirety of 2022 only. You can only apply for the grant once during that period, but the application can be for more than one event e.g., a series of quiet days or a Christian Conference and sessions of spiritual direction as long as the total being asked for does not exceed £250. You can also apply for support towards something that costs more than £250 but awards are capped at £250.

The Ordained Ministries Development Officer, the Rev'd Dwayne Engh, has responsibility for authorising applications for COVID Wellbeing Clergy Retreat grants.

Download COVID Wellbeing Clergy Retreat Grant Information form here,

Download the COVID Wellbeing Clergy Retreat Grant application form here (Word doc).

Application forms should be sent directly to Marietta Forman at Derby Church House or by email to marietta.forman@derby.anglican.org

If you have any queries, do please get in touch with Marietta on 01332 388673.


Applications for CMD Grants

The Ordained Ministries Development Officer, the Rev'd Dwayne Engh, has responsibility for authorising applications for CMD grants.

The application form was revised in 2019. Please note applications should be made on the new form and preferred in advance of the event rather than retrospectively.  Invoice or receipts will be required.

Download the CMD grant application form (Word doc)

Application forms should be sent directly to Marietta Forman at Derby Church House or by email to marietta.forman@derby.anglican.org

If you have any queries, do please get in touch with Marietta on 01332 388673.


Applications for Sabbaticals and Study Leave

The Guidelines and applications form have recently been revised. 

Sabbatical or Study Leave applications for 2022 have closed.  Do get in touch with the Rev'd Dwayne Engh by the end of February 2022 to allow sufficient time to meet with him to plan and prepare your application for submission in June 2022 for a Sabbatical or Study Leave in 2023. Appointments can be arranged through Marietta Forman tel 01332 388673. 

The process is set out in the Sabbatical and Study Leave Guidelines (Word doc).

All applications will be considered at the Bishop's Staff meeting in June.


Other sources of funding

Clergy seeking funding for personal development or for academic courses might also consider applying to Lichfield Theological College Trust: Please note that Application Forms for grants from the Lichfield Theological College Trust must be submitted via The Revd Canon Matt Barnes, to be counter-signed before they are sent to the Trust.

Download the Lichfield funding form for personal development (Word doc)

Download the Lichfield funding form for academic courses (Word doc)

It is also worth looking at the following sites:

ministry bursary awards ecclesiastical.com/insights/ministry-bursary-awards/

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Dear Friends

I am happy to write that Bishop Alastair has commended me to the post of Chaplain to the Retired Clergy within the Diocese, assisted by my wife Rachel Mookerji. The Bishop is very keen to see that all the Retired Clergy are given all help, care and support particularly in their time of need, realizing how much time and effort they give to maintain the much cherished parish ministry within the Diocese. Our personal initiative will be to maintain the relationship with each other and to this end importantly praying and where necessary visiting them.


I am grateful my predeccessors have already established the link between the local Retired Clergy and the Retirement Officers so called the Deanery Representatives. We will continue with the tradition of an annual phone call to each one knowing how valuable this could prove pastorally for all of us. However, we believe the Pastoral Care of the Retired Clergy is of course primarily the responsibility of the local Parish Priest, and where necessary they would contact wither their Deanery Representatives, or us directly for any specialist care and support, and if any particular need arising we would then liaise with the Bishop.


We have been in the Diocese for over 30 years, and now happily retired and live in the Parish of Church Gresley in Repton Deanery. Our journey to this diocese began in the year 1985, when I served my title at the Parish Church St Lawrence, Heanor, and then moved to St James, Codnor, my first incumbency; in the same deanery stretching over 17 years; and which laid a firm foundation to our life and ministry in this country. We finally retired from the Parish Church of St Marks Winshill, in the Repton Deanery after having served the parish for over 13 years. It has been a priviledge to serve this diocese and now commended by the Bishop to serve the Retired Clergy in the diocese.

We have two sons Michael (Jr) married to Bryony and they have a daughter called Elsa and live in Norway, Noel married to Nathalie and have two children Noah and Yasmin, and live in London. by God'd grace they are all doing well in their respective families, and we all have a happy family bond. 

We now joyfully look forward to serving our Retired Clergy friends within the diocese, and take this opportunity to wish you all a blessed year 2016, and may God bless is all richly with good health and happiness. 


Revd Michael Mookerji


01283 335582

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Role descriptions were introduced into the diocese to complement and inform Ministerial Development Reviews (MDR), and are a requirement of the Ecclesiastical Offices (Terms of Service) Regulations 2009.

The following documents will help you write a role description which you are advised to develop after you have been in post for six months, and when you have met with your Archdeacon at the six month review point:

How to write a Role Description

Role Description Template Curate

Role Description Template Incumbent

Role Description Worked Example

Should you have any questions or queries regarding the development of your role description please contact Mandy Roberts at Derby Church House: 01332 388650, mandy.roberts@derby.anglican.org

Last modified on Monday, 22 June 2020 15:18

Although MDRs are a requirement for clergy under the terms of Common Tenure, I very much hope that you will make the most of this opportunity to have an in-depth conversation about your ministry with a member of the Bishop’s Staff.  There is a great deal of freedom in the ordained life.  This is a huge blessing but with this freedom comes great responsibility.  For that reason it is important that we are accountable to each other and that we pause regularly to take stock of the ways in which our ministry is developing; being honest about the things which have been difficult and disappointing as well as the things which have been encouraging and affirming; and recognising where we would like further help, support and training.


The Ministerial Development Review Scheme is administered from the Bishop of Derby’s office by Frances Morrison: 01332 840132, asst@bishopofderby.org

Please take the time to read the MDR booklet if you are not familiar with the Scheme.

MDR Scheme Boooklet

The documentation you will need to complete your MDR is below.

MDR User Guide

Form 1 - Critical Friends Feedback

Form 2 - Preparation for your MDR

Form 3 - Summary of your MDR

Form 4 - Summary of Priorities

Peer Facilitator List January 2019

See also: Role Descriptions

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Please see Initial Ministerial Education page for all Training Priest resources.


IME2 Page


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