The information on this page is aimed specifically at those who are recognised as Parish Safeguarding Officers (PSO). It includes links to resources and information which are directly relevant to the roles and responsibilities of a PSO, and to training courses which are specifically for PSOs or DBS Administrators within a parish and are not applicable to other members of a church.

The Diocese of Derby Safeguarding Team is based at the Parish Support Office, Derby Church House, though during the ongoing Pandemic all members of the team are working in a safe manner so are not in the office.  For details of who they are please see Derby Diocesan Safeguarding Team

Policies and Practice Guidance

The Diocese of Derby has elected to follow the National Safeguarding Policy and Practice Guidance since 2018.  All associated documents, including the current Parish Safeguarding handbook, Key Roles and responsibilities of church office Holders and bodies practice guidance, Responding Well, Safer Recruitment, Training Guidance documents and Policy Statements can be found here.

Resources and Template

This link will take you to The Church of England National Safeguarding Resources Page which shows resources published by Church House Publishing, and a list of wider reading published independently and contain the authors own views; these are mostly recommended in the different safeguarding training modules as it is important everyone understands the challenges and criticisms facing the Church, and learns from them.

National Templates and Resources can be downloaded from this link - Templates and Resources

Diocese of Derby Templates and Resouces - Under Construction


For details of Core Safeguarding Training and who in the Diocese requires what training please see our page Who needs to have Safeguarding training? / Book a course  All Parish Safeguarding Officers are also required to attend the Parish Safeguarding Officer Induction Course and the DBS Streamlining Education Session

Diocese of Derby Parish Safeguarding Officer Induction Course

The national safeguarding training and development practice guidance sets out the framework for safeguarding training to ensure that all Church officers are trained in aspects of safeguarding. Parish life is the heart of the Diocese and is the most important context to get our safeguarding right. The Parish Safeguarding Officer role is a vital one – the ‘champion’ of safeguarding in the parish. This new induction course aims to help PSOs understand the role, responsibilities, and key working relationships of the Parish Safeguarding Officer, identify a variety of approaches to raising awareness and improving safeguarding practice, and evaluate safeguarding information reported by members of the church or community and determining an appropriate response. The evaluation task will encourage increased knowledge of the Parish Dashboard, and planning forward to ensure safeguarding is well-managed in the church.  PSOs are also required to follow the Core Pathway of Safeguarding training – Basic Awareness, Foundation, and Leadership, and Safer Recruitment training.   Please book using eventbrite following the links below.

Last Updated 4th October 1:15pm

Monday 18th October 1.30-3.30pm - Book Here

Thursday 18th November 9.30-11.30am - Book Here

If you are unable to book please email to be added to the waiting list.

DBS (Disclosure and Barring Checks)

From January 2021 it became the responsibility of each Parish to apply for and administer the process of verification for DBS checks for Volunteers and paid staff other than Ordained Clergy working within a parish, following the process as defined by the Diocese of Derby and working with our agreed supplier Access Personal Checking Services (APCS),  All Parish Safeguarding Officers and DBS Administrators where applicable must attend a DBS streamlining training session prior to being registered with APCS by the Diocese Safeguarding Administrator as approved verifiers.  To book onto an education session which takes about 1.5 hours using zoom, please see below.  The two documents available for download below are only applicable to anyone who has attend and and registered to use the new session.

Where a parish submits applications to Derby Church House (see here for the process) and has not attended a session the submitter will be contacted and asked to attend a session.

Diocese of Derby - DBS Education Session

An education session on how to process DBS Applications for Parish Safeguarding officers and / or  DBS Administrators in parishes.  This a 2-hour session using Zoom to explain why the DBS process has been streamlined and teach PSO's and parish approved DBS Administrators how to process DBS Applications using the new streamlined system.  Please book using eventbrite following the links below.

Last Updated 4th October 1:15pm

Monday 25th October 2-4pm - Book Here

Tuesday 23rd November 7-9pm - Book Here

Thursday 9th December 10am-12noon - Book Here

Please email to be added to the waiting list if all courses are full.



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This fund offers parishes an exciting opportunity to develop their local church or hall premises, making them more community and mission shaped, and accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

Your project needs to meet outcomes which achieve and support mission, community or growth. A preference will be given to applications from parishes in deprived areas of the Diocese. The maximum grant available will be £25,000 and requires match funding. Parishes will be required to take up grants within two years of a successful application. 

Applications will be assessed by the Business Committee on a quarterly basis. 

The fund is not available for maintenance or repair and cannopt be applied for retrospectively.


To dowbload the fund criteria and general information click HERE


To download an an application Form click HERE


Remaining 2021 application deadlines:

13th December for the Business Committee in January 2022

For any further information about applying for the Raymond Ross Large Grants email:

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This new £100k fund is aimed at supporting local congregations to act with a generous faith, through engaging with and embracing the communities they seek to serve. The Diocesan Vision encourages us to be outward facing, rooted in and connected to our communities.

There is an expectation that parishes will work in partnership and create networks for the common good, with particular care for the marginalised and vulnerable. The projects this fund is seeking to support are those which see the church proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom in word and action. The church needs to be good news for all, and this means projects that look to include and/or partner with, other groups or individuals in the host community, demonstrating meaningful and open engagement with those who have had little or no contact with the congregation.

The Diocese wishes to particularly encourage churches to reach out to those who have not considered the church community as a group to which they can relate. Projects that build on the notion of tolerance, reconciliation and friendship will be of particular interest, as will projects that clearly demonstrate the key characteristic of outward-facing generosity, impacting the world for good​.

You can apply for up to £2000 without match funding required. Further information, criteria and application forms can be downloaded here or requested from the Community Project Development Officer, Gareth Greenwood by email at


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis to be considered by the Business Committee. For monthly cut-off dates, see below.

Remaining 2021 application deadlines:

November 1st - Business Committee on November 18th

November 29th - Business Committee on December 16th


You can download the application form and criteria here

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Do you have a small church project that could have a big impact?

Are you looking for a relatively small grant that requires no match funding?

If so, this could be just right for you; £5,000 to fund small but not insignificant capital projects that will generate outcomes which achieve and support mission, community or growth.

There are always good ideas on the boil to enhance welcome, improve accessibility, or perhaps to make small but much needed changes to internal areas. So now is the time to make a significant impact through a small change.

Details, including a full list of criteria and downloadable application form, are available below.

Remaining 2021 application deadlines are:

  • November 1st - Business Committee on November 18th
  • November 29th - Business Committee on December 16th

 If you are successful, you will be expected to draw on the grant within 12 months.


>> Download The Raymond Ross Small Grants Scheme information and criteria [PDF]

Download Application Form here

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church candles 2qXiQkgEUPE unsplash

The Sanctuary at Derby Cathedral is your #1 option for ALL church supplies including candles, communion wafers and wine, incense, baptism cards, marriage and burial registers. 

It also offers a discount of 10% on all orders over £30.00 and invoicing options are available for all churches.

Most items are in stock and available for immediate purchase.

Delivery options are also available.

The Sanctuary at Derby Cathedral is a great place to buy Christian books and a wide range of locally produced gifts.

Order your church supplies:
In Person:    The Sanctuary at Derby Cathedral, Iron Gate
                     (opposite Derby Cathedral)
Phone:          01332 227660

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How your church can start taking card payments!

As fewer people carry cash, it’s becoming increasingly important for parishes to look at alternative ways to receive payments and donations.

There’s a new category on the Parish Buying website to help churches consider the different types of reader for contactless and chip and pin card payments.  

Alongside small hand-held card readers (which cost as little as £19 each) there now are more sophisticated self-service donation units available for churches to buy.

To find out more visit


>> Churches that have trialled a digital collection box have reported a 97% increase in donations! Read more (from BBC News)


How can my Church start taking card payments? card reader cathedral crop

Watch this short video from the National Stewardship Team:

How do I download an app to use my card reader?

Watch this short video from the National Stewardship Team:

Why should I set up products?

Watch this short video from the National Stewardship Team:

How do I claim Gift Aid on a card donation?

Watch this short video from the National Stewardship Team:


>> See also: Parish Giving Scheme


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Resourcing God's mission in our parishes

"Every generous act of giving, with every perfect gift, is from above, coming down from the Father of lights" James 1:17

As we learn to live with Covid-19 and build back following the struggles we faced with the pandemic,
we fully understand that live in challenging times.

As a diocese, we want to assure you that we will continue to support you in any way we can,
in particular with the financial constraints many face in parishes.

In this section:

>> Common Fund Explained
>> Common Fund 2021
>> Common Fund FAQs
>> Common Fund Leaflet
>> Common Fund Reports


See also:

>> The Parish Giving Scheme
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Please click here for the National Grants List which lists the charitable grants available to churches

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If you are unsure as to the cicumstances in which you can apply for a loan under this scheme, don't hesitate to contact the Head of Finance

Download application form here

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